Lurong Workout "Snatch Me"

Friday Jan 26 2018

Today we will be having a 30 minute AMRAP of standing still so we can do something that does not involve our shoulders. It should be a blast and probably would get more people to attend than let's say 30 Muscle Ups for time. Sad but true. Anyways, I always hear your words and mumblings around the gym about the programming, equipment, coaches or whatever and I really try to take it all in, access the situation and come to a conclusion that I usually share with you but the one that has been sticking in my craw is the shoulder overuse topic. Now when I first heard this in conversation with a member I went back and looked through my last couple of weeks of programming and sure as shit, lot's of shoulders indeed and I'm like oh oh. Then, though I took a pen to paper and compiled a list of movements that use the shoulders in some form or fashion and I stopped at 30 movements. I then scratched out everything that includes hips or static holds and came up with Strict Pull-ups, Shoulder Press, Strict Muscle Ups, Strict Handstand Push-ups as the movement that rely strictly on the shoulders while everything else had another element to ease the load on the shoulders mainly being those good old hips of yours. I can preach using your hips until I'm blue in the face but if you still insist on not using them to their fullest capabilities yes you are going to have some sore shoulders which brings me to my other topic rest days and shoulder mobility. Now I'm no angel myself when it comes to taking care of my shoulders or any part of me for that matter but I only complain about the workouts because they are hard but if you're going to complain about something I would hope that before I hear those sweet words come out of your mouths I would be seeing you taking a daily interest in shoulder maintenance and not just after 3 months of a little nagging injury that has now finally blown up out of control leaving you with the feeling Grant programs way too much shoulder work. If you're in this game to kick ass you gotta be kicking ass first and foremost with your recovery as a mentor of mine stated back in the day:
There is no such thing as over training, only under recovery.
Rudy Nielsen
Have an Outlaw Friday. 
1.) Lurong Workout "Snatch Me"
5 minute AMRAP
Snatch 155/105lb
note: if time remains after the massive amount of snatch barbell work you will be getting prior to the workout and after the workout, choose 1 extra credit
*2.) for time:
100m Shuttle Run (20m)
21 Single Arm Dumbbell Thruster 50/35lb, R
100m Shuttle Run (20m)
21 Single Arm Dumbbell Thruster 50/35lb, L
100m Shuttle Run (20m)
*3.) Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 @ approx 80%, rest no more than 3 minutes between sets
*4.) 10 minute EMOM 
1 Power Clean->2 Hang Power Clean->1 Jerk @ approx 60%
*5.) 3 rounds
15 Deadlift 225/155lb
15 Bar Facing Burpees
*6.) Row 500-400-300-200-100-200-300-400-500, rest 90 seconds between each segment
*7.) Suck it up
Suck it up
1 minute Plank
rest 30 seconds
1 minute Plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 10 seconds 
2 minute plank 
rest 10 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 30 seconds 
1 minute plank
note: don't give in to your mind telling you to quit, hold your position.
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Db thrusters&100mruns 4:06. Dl&burpees@135 6:17. Pc complex@95
10 @ 135#
19@45#. Row1900
5x3 back squat EC @ 315#
Worked up to 90# snatch for a PR
1) 17 snatches 115#; (*3) at #275; (*4) at #155; (*5) took 9:14
Resting the pulled hamstring
26rx dl burpee 6:13 Bs 395 ec
Somewhere around 15 @ 115#
Half rowing EC @ 11:30
Light BS TO 115#
85lb Snatch 4:10 db thruster/shuttle 5:20 dl/bfb
I think the dl time is right Fun ec
BS 85-135#
15 @ 125.
EC with Grant. 4:22/dB shuttle run. 6:42/dL bar facing burpees
36 masters plus rx
115# and power snatches
GHD tabata, BS 195#, PC&J 95#, Monday’s dumbbell EC, OHS 75#/handstand walk, DL/PU
Focused on form/pulling, and pausing in the basement. EC: Clean EMOM 85#
27 @ 155#
BS after
OSMS "Christmas" Party at Badger State Brewing Co.
#150 B.S., #75 cleans, 10 min airdyne
Less than 100 more than 10 @ #115
190# BS. #2 done. 10 min EMOM 135#-155#. 3 rounds 15 DL (155), 5 BMUS.
Main goal: Do not get hurt!✓ 2nd goal: Keep bar path on point. ✓ EC: 5×3 BS & BP SuperSet (#125 box sq./65 BP); PEC preWOD.
With Tyler's help, I've identified my deltoid issues. Can't leave my arms straight on cleans/snatches etc. Back to the drawing board on Monday!
27 @ 105# rowing EC
26 @ 125 lb power snatch
285 BS for 3 rd..Back issues
Travel/Rest day