Jinx no. 2

Tuesday Jan 23 2018

Next Monday Angela is hosting an Italian Adventure consisting of a four course meal paired with wine and stories from our favorite little Italian! Angela is hosting this event at Angelina Restaurant to help her and I raise money as we compete in Dancing With Our Stars for the American Red Cross taking place February 24th at the KI Center. The dinner will cost $100 per person with just a little under $60 being donated to the American Red Cross, Angela is donating her staff and establishment and will just take enough to cover the food and wine. Very gracious of Angela and she would love to see you all there so she can show you all a little taste of her culture, literally:) Sign up for the event is on the front desk. Take your spouse, significant other, brother, sister, mom, dad, whomever and spend your Monday evening eating some great food and drinking some great wine for a great cause. Thank you!
Have a nice little Tuesday!
1.) Every 30 seconds for 3 minutes 1 Push Press @ 90%
2.) Jinx
9 minute AMRAP
Start each round with 10 cal Assault Bike
5 Toes to Bar, add 5 reps each round
note: 10 cal ab/5 t2b, 10 cal ab/10 t2b, 10 cal ab/15 t2b and so on until time expires. if assault bikes are all taken row same amount
*3.) 3 rounds
30 Power Snatch 115/85lb
15 Burpee Box Overs 24/20"
rest 1:1
*4.) 5 rounds
5 Deadlift 315/255lb 
5 Muscle Ups 
note: if 1rm dl under 500/350lb scale to 65%
*5.) 5 rounds
10 Dumbbell Single Arm Squat Jerks, alternating arms
10 Ring Dips
note: add load each round
*6.) 3 rounds
10 Reverse Hyper
20 Hip Extension
10 GH Raise
25 Hip Extension->GH Raise
*7.) 3 minutes per 
Right Shoulder Lacrosse Ball Smash/Left
Right Pec Smash with Supernova/Left
Right Lat Foam Roll/left
Thoracic Foam Roll
Note: STILL missing two large blue supernovas and the one small one, please look and see if you have these and bring them back where they belong

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Sylvia Christensen 268d

#bringbacktheoriginalJinx #25june2017

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12/20 T2B
155# PP
3 rounds + 5 toes to bar. 75# pp
Push press
135# PP
10/25 TTB, 185# PP
TTB didn’t make contct on majority.
100# PP
24/25 sub kbs and row
135# PP
5/25 t2b pp 185 dl mu ex
11/30 TTB
135 PP. yesterday’s FS. Some HS walk practice to wall.
20/20 T2B
125#PP; Yesterday FS ec @ 180#
10/20 T2B
85# PP
155 push press 25 ttjc + 10 cal
did t2b kip swings through 20 then shoulder got tired
2/25 t2b
175# PP
15/20 T2JClip
85# PP, a couple of them were push jerks on accident 🙄
15/20 TTB, 120lb push press
20/20 T2B
205# PP
Home wod ...❄️🚘
PP 115#
20/20 T2B + 3 cals
95# PP (should have gone heavier)
155# pp
18/25 T2B
205# pp , EC yesterday's cleans up 2 a 240# clean 10# pr
8/25 T2B
235# PP
Rd of25 did 10 T2Jcup cause I was gassed
5x5 HBBS @ 295# (3 minute rounds, belted)
Strict 3" deficit HSPU: 3,3,3,3,2,1,2,2,2,2
9/25 T2B (accidentally did 9 the first round whoops)
125# PP
12/25 t2b
85# pp
135# PP
20 T2B + 6 cals 🤢
#80 PP (w/ bar!😃); MWOD knee therapy
4 rounds + 6 toes
#125 PP (can do more next time) EC #5 with Derek
25/25 T2B
185# pp
19/25 T2B
195# PP