Saturday Jan 20 2018

Please join us for our free Community Workout at 8:15am. It's going to be a beautiful weekend, start it off right with CrossFit Green Bay. That was kinda catchy if I say so myself. Seriously though if you've never been to CFGB this is a great weekly opportunity to see what it is we do here and get a great workout too.
Have a great Saturday!
1.) Back Squat:
2 minute AMRAP 95/65lb 
30 seconds to load barbell
3 minute AMRAP 135/95lb
30 seconds to load barbell
2 minute AMRAP 185/135lb
30 seconds to load barbell 
3 minute AMRAP 225/155lb
2.) 696
5 rounds
6 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
9 Deadlift 275/195lb
6 Bar Facing Burpees
*3.) 7 minutes to complete:
50 Hang Cluster 95/65lb
50 GHD Sit-ups
note: cap is 7 minutes no exceptions, if you want to finish it go faster. hang cluster: hang clean + thruster = cluster
*4.) SPUC
Strict Wide Grip Pull-ups 
Strict Narrow Grip Pull-ups 
Strict Chin-ups 
*5.) 5 rounds
10 Knees to Chest (strict and slow)
10 Hollow Rock
10 4-count Flutter Kicks 

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Pull ups and 125#, backsquat 35-85 (most weight and most I’ve squatted since surgery)
Didn’t look at time
That squat amrap was no joke or if it was I wasn’t laughing
I squatted
10:00 135# DL
BS 40/65# 30/85# 20/105# 15/135#
9:46 *parallel ring rows sub for c2b*
Community WOD & 9:15 ✅
Had to abandon C2B in rd 2. Shoulder still not ready to return to PU for time
Single leg light kb RDL for DL 10 push-ups for burpees. C2b as rx. Single leg split squats for squat emom.
Community and backsquat
Community + 9:15
Family and all the girls with us today ❤️😊. Squats yes. Workout 8ish??
BS RX: 50-40-18-20; Free WOD with Sam and Mal
30/30/15/11 14:23
Community WOD
15:44 kip pullup, 155lb dl. BS RX 35-25-10-12
13:33 185# DL
BS 32 /30/15/10
11:53, those dead’s felt heavy
Rx squats, somewhere around 30,20,15,10 for sets; cluster/GHD done @ 6:59 🤡
53/40/13/16, 10:10
Kipping PU to work on movement pattern
BS 50/40/25/21; 10:36
Free WOD w/ Sal
Free WOD with Sylvia!! I totally did the cardio
35/35/15/15.55#,75,105,125#. 12.31 red band, 125dl
Active Recovery Day because of my sore back and strained left quad that needed to heal.
Warm-up and mobility / 100 cal row / 100 cal Assault / 100 cal Ski Erg / 1 legless rope climb every 1:15 for 10 rounds / EMOM10 with strict 3" deficit HSPU: 4,4,3,3,3,2,1,1,1,1 / 5 rounds of 20 reverse hypers and a 20 meter handstand walk.
8:50 DL@225
Free WOD w/ Michelle
Community WOD with P. Mantz 👊🏽
Lurong Super 8, L2, Thrusters to 14" box. MWOD knee therapy.
9:12 jumping pull ups with box, 105 # DL
9:30’ish. 225# DL
Community WOD with Kiki