Lurong Super 8 Test / Message Board

Friday Jan 19 2018

Ok so here's the scoop. Angela and I are doing a fundraiser, Dancing With our Stars, for the American Red Cross on February 24, 2018. Angela has been a part of this in the past and asked me if I would dance with her for this year's night of dancing.  As luck would have it, it's 10th and last year.. one more year and I totally could've gotten out of this one:) Anyhoo, we have been training together since August 2 for four hours a week and this has definitely been one of my greatest challenges to date.  I would gladly go back to Ft. Benning for Basic Training over this. Dancing is tough, if you want a challenge, learn to dance. While our practices have been a challenge they've also been entertaining: making fun of Angela's accent, making faces at Angela when our dance coach Terry is yelling at her, many swear words in English and Italian and a massive amount of laughter. We have two seats left for $175 each and fourteen seats left for $150 per head.   We will have a sign up for anyone interested in attending.  It's sure to be a fun night out in going out, watching some amazing local talent, enjoying a great dinner, maybe some wine and you get to see me in some spandex outfit doing my best impression of what I assume is dancing. All proceeds from this night go to the American Red Cross, this event will hopefully bring in $750,000 for them. 
If 2/24 doesn't work or you don't sign up quickly enough to secure a seat at our tables, we are also hosting a Night Out at Angelina's restaurant. 
Here's a note from Angela (picture her speaking it with her accent):
"Join us for an Italian adventure at Angelina restaurant on January 29 to show support for the Red Cross in their mission to help the community. You will enjoy an Italian 4 course dining experience paired with wine. Come and join Grant and I in our quest to raise money for a good cause."
Cost will be $100 per person and like Angela said, will be a night that will allow Angela the honor of telling you about her Italian culture over a 4 course meal. All proceeds after cost of food will go directly to our donation for the American Red Cross. Enjoy the food, the wine and most importantly the company of the friends beside you just like Angela shared her meals from the majority of years born and raised in Italy. As with the Dancing With the Stars Event sign up sheet we will also have another sign up sheet for this event.
Lastly on Sunday, February 18 we will be hosting a Learn to Dance afternoon. Bring your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, whomever and learn to dance. We plan on 3 segments with possibly the Cha Cha, Rumba included and a little bit of swing with our special guest coach Timm Uhlmann, our favorite gym metrorologist! We are still in the works to get a dance hall for a few hours so if you know of someone willing to donate a dance floor for a few hours let us know! We will learn to dance and then after the instruction is over we'll all be given the chance to test out our new found talent.
If you or anyone you know would like to donate I have attached the link to Angela's and my American Red Cross Dancing With Our Stars page, scroll down to the select a 'dancer to support' tab and choose Grant & Angela. On behalf of Angela and myself, we greatly appreciate the support!
Have a great Friday!

1.) Lurong Super 8 Test
(scorecard for different levels)
8 min AMRAP
8 Burpee Box Jump Over 30/24"
8 Power Clean 95/65lb
8 Thruster 95/65lb
** 5 minute rest then:**
2.) Message Board
200 Kettbell Swings 1.5/1 pood (American Swing)
Every time KB is set down complete 10m Burpee Broad Jump down 10m Burpee Broad Jump back
note: scale this workout with russian swings 
*3.) 2 Split Jerk every 2 minutes for 14 minutes starting at approx 60% adding load each round
*4.) 5 Touch n Go Snatch every 90 seconds for 5 rounds at approx 55%
*5.) 5 rounds
Push Sled 20m 45/25lb plate
Pull Sled 20m 3x45/2x45
note: get low 
*6.) 4 rounds
15 Reverse Hyper
20 Wall Squats
15 Parallel Ring Rows

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Chris Ness272d

Rest day

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Rebecca Smith272d

Save me an 8#kb

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I did a lot of burpee broad jumps...^130# sJ
2 rds + 4 thruster (68pts)
2 rounds 1 thruste @55#. 26# KB only rest no 10m burpees jump
3 rounds, 8 burpees. Then, 14:04 RX
3+6 PC 65#
26# KB - 12:53
19:26 Russian swings, 53#
3 + 1 thruster
10:52 Russian swings
Trying this 3 on 1 off thing
5 rds w/ FS instead of thrusters; 22:54 rx
17:34, 3 rds 8 cleans
4+1 PC, 13:08
TGIF! Warm weather = run later :)
3 + 6 BBOs 75#
150 @ 12:45 35#
4+6 BBO; 146 Swings @ 45#
EC: Split Jerks to 135#
3+3 pc 22:23 kbs
Glad that's over.
3 and then at 1:35 I had to take a 💩 break.
136 KBS. Meow. 🐱
3+7 burpee BO, 55#
Finished 200 26#KB swings over cap with 3-4 broad jump trips. Tough mental day!
9:45 Rx KB swing. Broke 100/100
3 rds and 6 bbo...masters+ rx (75# and 24" box)
24:08 at 35# for kb swings
3 + 3 burpees
18# KB didn’t put it down.12-13mins... Didn’t look at time 🤷‍♀️
3 + 7pc (20in 📦/55#)
KB swings RX - finished after 15min time cap
4 Rds (hands-toes)
153 swings at cap
3+8 pc; 13:11 kbs
One burpee penalty, split reps 150/50; ankle bothering me today, slow and steady
5 rounds, 20:29
Yesterday’s C&J up to 130#, snatches 75#
3 + 4 BBO / 129 RX at cap
4+4 BBO's
15:48 RX KB , rowing intervals @ 1:50 pace for a min 30 sec 10 burpee's rest 1:30 x 10
4 rounds + 3 burpee box jump overs
13:43 for kettlebell swings / 100 reps, penalty, 100 reps
KB 7:34(120/80). Snatches 95#. SJ 125.
3 + 2 Thrusters, 160 Swings
4 + 6 BBO, 13:55
& I needed to do this one 🙄 Rest was the priority. MWOD knee therapy.
2 + 2 thrusters RX (woah I get to say that for once)
13:57 at 1 pood (35#)
4 + 4 BBO
Sets of 20 kbs + 20m BBJ for 15 min
3 + 1 pc Rx
4 rds + 1 BBO
18:54 Rx
4 rounds 16:46 kbs
2 + 5 burpee step overs, 35#
11:23, first 30 swings, 18# kb, rest with 9#