Bow & Arrow

Thursday Dec 28 2017

The word best is defined as excelling all others. I believe ones work ethic and commitment dictates whether you are truly the best or not and not necessarily the outcome. We cannot control if we get on a podium or lose 10 inches of fat off our bodies or if we get the promotion or not but we can control how hard we work in the attempt to reach our goals no matter what they may be. Everyone of you can be the best because of you and not because of the accolades that may come along the way and if we know we've done the best we can then we can rest our heads each night with a peaceful conscious. So if you want to be the best, you can be because of you and your efforts not because of some trophy that says 1st place. 
Have a great Thursday. 
1.) Bow & Arrow
14 minute cap
Bar Muscle Ups
Deficit Handstand Push-ups 2x45lb/1x45lb
note: 1 bmu/10 hspu, 2bmu/9 hspu, 3bmu/8 hspu,.......10 bmu/1 hspu
**if time allows complete no.2 in class**
*2.) 2 Back Squat @ approx 85% every 2 minutes for 6 rounds
*3.) 3-3-3-3-3 Push Press @ approx 80%, rest no more than 2 minutes in between sets
*4.) 3-3-3-3-3 Heaving Snatch Balance @ approx 55%, rest no more than 2 minutes between sets
note: feet are in receive position and do not move throughout movement
*5.) EMOM for 10 minutes complete Clean Complex from block @ Hang position @ approx 55%
3 Extension->2 High Pull->1 Clean & Jerk
*6.) 3 rounds
30 Russian Twists
2 minute plank hold
note: plank is meant to be unbroken but if broken accumulate 2 minutes in longest set durations as possible (suck it up though it's only 2 minutes:)

Nick Fonti512d

Is this a Bergeron quote?

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Troy Foley512d


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Justin Peterson512d


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Grant Soletski512d

Yes. Everything I write and think is based off of what Ben Bergeron says and does. I'm writing a book called plagiarizing excellence. Honestly I've never heard him speak and don't follow him on Instagram. I did for a short period but he annoyed me but if people keep asking me if I got my inspiration from him I guess I now annoy myself. FML

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6/8 BMU
non-deficit HSPU
Baby Bar @shoulder height for BMU, a mix of 1 abmat and 2 abmats between 45# plates (failed a few HSPU from 1 abmat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
3/5 bar mu
Not my best day but i learned a lot from Justin. BS@230 PP@125
8/8 bmu from low bar, hspu 1 ab mat & 10# plate
7/7 BMU (variety of bars) hspu 1 then 2 mats
BS 125# βœ…
Rnd 9 Ring Rows and hspu from box
275# BS 6x2
1x45# plates for dHSPU
8 full rounds
2 ab mats x 4 rounds, then 3 mats. MU from box at chin level.
No deficit. Extra credit #2
finished at the buzzer
sub 1 mat hspu and kbs 135# BS 5x6
1/10 MU. Disappointed I didn't finish but oh well.
BS 235#. Have not done a back squat PR in over a year Work up to 295. Snatch balance with Mike Green. Those need some workπŸ™„
5hspu 1 plate 6 bar mu squat 300 row 100 cal 5:40 bike 100 cal 6:12
Banded MU. 45 plates with ab mat. Squat 215. PP 115. Snatch balance 75.
3/3 pushups
Bar MUs from floor and hand release reg pushups
5/5 mu. Used baby bar. 2 abd mat hspu
Week2 Day 2 su: 30 rest 60sec. 38 rest 60sec. 30 rest 60sec. 30 rest 60sec, 42
cant remember 1 abmat and boc bmu
First Bar MU in a wod!!
Lots of BMU attempts. HSPU with one mat.
11:08 with a kamikaze attempt (and fail) to beat Derek 🀣
5/5 hspu w 10#&abmat, bmup
EC: bs 145#
Through 4 BMUs/7 HSPU
Rx-ish 45# plates w/ a mat between.
175# back squats
I’m so smelly
Hmmm... I wonder how justin pulled this one offπŸ™„
7/7 BMU low box for workout/no deficit // 185# BS
FIRST BAR MUSCLE UP!! βœ… Thank you Derek, Grant, and the rest of 6:15am for all of the support! WHOO HOO!!
1/6 dhspu
305# bs
Finish 7 bar mu. Bat mu clavicle level. Hspu 15 and 10 # plates. 145 #bs.
4/8 Bar MUs at 14 minute time cap
Lacrosse ball anterior and posterior shoulder mobility post WOD / 5x5 HBBS @ 285# / First round unbelted, but I started to lean forward too far during my ascent. Remaining 4 rounds were belted.
Strung together BMUs in 2s and 3s so tonight was definitely a personal success πŸ™ƒ
Thru 5 of 7 M-MU**
** Scl'd w/: S-HSPU to #10+AM & low bar J-MU. Pre:10min bike & MWOD knee therapy.
Either done with my 9/9 BMU or finished 8 BMU with a bonus one; Crossfit math is hard.
Non deficit after first round
finished w 13 seconds left
push ups instead of HSPUs, baby bar MUs & PVC/band things..