Tuesday Dec 26 2017

Talking with a good friend of mine Christmas Eve about how since he's been gone from the gym due to work and other various life commitments he is disappointed about how he never sees anyone outside of the gym anymore. While I understood how he felt like he's been left on the side of the road with his thumb out I told him that this gym is our social life. This gym is our "bar" it's where we meet our friends daily for drinks but instead of drinks we exercise and in between our exercising we do our socializing. We all have lives outside of CFGB and our lives are consuming between family and work leaving little time to really enjoy our friends but this gym gives us a chance to kill two birds (fitness and social) on a daily basis. When you look at this place like that we are truly able to balance our lives while being able to keep the most important things in our lives, our families on the top of the list while still maintaining our social and fitness lives as well. Hope you all had a merry Christmas!
Have a great Tuesday!
1.) 3 Strict Press @ approx 75% / 10 parallel Ring Rows every 2 minutes for 12 minutes 
2.) Braaaaaaaap
Assault Bike
Toes to Bar
*3.) Every 2 minutes for 6 minutes 1 Front Squat @ approx 90%
*4.) Every 2 minutes for 10 rounds complete Snatch complex: 3 Extension -> 2 High Pull -> 1 Snatch @ approx 55% from Blocks @ Hang (directly above knees)
*5.) 30-20-10 
GHD Sit-ups 
Handstand Push-ups 
*6.) 3 rounds
20 Box Overs 24/20" (handsies & toesies)
25 WallBalls 25/16lb
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SP 115#
15:01 70# sp
Fs@175, ghds&hspu’s done
LOL 22:34 for the wod. 55# so
95# sp
Lat/scap accessory work with hspu and ski erg. Sp 85#
Participation points :)
85# SP
SP 105#. FS 215#. Box over and wallballs 😝 GHD and SHSPU subbed some abmats in for GHD Snatch Work through 145#
12:28 95lb SP
10:42 lots of bike adjusting RX wallball box over 20lb 7:38
S press 85. FS 195. WB+box over. HSPU + GHD. HSPU work. Snatch work through 135
Very slow assaulter. 75# SP
115/10:14 or so Toes to j cup
Press: 125# FS: 270#
SP- 120# set 1. 115# sets 2-6
last place...very very slow
145 down to 115 sp
13:26 - k2e working on stringing together sets
SP 65#
60# SP
30/20/10 hspu/GHD done in about 14 minutes
SP 75#, snatches 75#, box overs/WB, GHDS/HSPU, FS 185#
75# SP // EC - GHD/HSPU & WB/BO
60# strt press. 17:36 rx.
Got home from a busy day at work and took a nap. Complete on 12/30/17 in 11:02 with an extra round of 6 thrown in accidentally.
Rx at 115
14:12 RX
75# SP
55# strict press 19:08 row +6 cal each round n lay on ground toe kicks
12:18 rx
75# sp
W/ Besty & RaLinda. Definitely not "hot" in there today. We maxed at 60° & stayed in our sweats. 😀🏔️⛄
12:25 rx; SP @ 85#
11:56 Rx
130# sp