Club Kid

Saturday Dec 23 2017

Christmas Eve brings us our annual tradition The 12 Days of CrossFit'mas! I know you're all excited, I most certainly am. This is definitely one of the most festive days at CrossFit Green Bay with the air filled with laughter, smiles, Christmas music and of course a little bit of sweat. We will be running a rolling schedule from 7am-12pm with the 11am being the last time you can start the workout. Christmas Day we are closed opening back up to a regular schedule Tuesday.
Please join us today though for our weekly Community WOD. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy CFGB on us every single Saturday! Bring your family and friends along to enjoy a great workout!
Have a great Saturday!
1.) Club Kid
100 Bar Facing Burpees
Beginning of every minute complete 5 Thrusters 95/65lb
Note: you must do 5 thrusters every minute.
*2.) 3-3-3-3-3 Deadlift @ approx 80%, rest 2 minutes between sets
*3.) 4-4-4 Front Squat @ approx 85%, rest no more than 3 minutes between sets
*4.) EMOM for 10 minutes from blocks @ High Hang -> Extension -> High Pull -> Snatch @ approx 55%
*5.) 50 Three Second Up Three Second Down Abmat Sit-ups
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Paul Mantz422d


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Seev 🏋🏽‍♀️422d

But I thought burpees were your fav

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Chris Ness422d

Can you take a round off
Asking a friend named Jim

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13:30& free wod fun 👯
free WOD - Grant & Danielle
✅ @ 13 rds
Either 100 or 92 BFB. Strategy of 8 per rd faultered & did my best remembering the arithmetic considering 😓. Honestly IDK
9:38 pvc thrusters
Lots of gymnastics work after.
WOD in Duluth
30 min AMRAP waterfall style w/ 3 partners: 5 DL @ 155#, 13 push ups, 9 24” box jumps
Drop in De Pere 12 rounds of Xmas 30:15
10:54. Yuck
Free wod with Chad. C2B HSPU work.
Free wod with bets and Danielle
12:50 rx 6:53 PR from last time 😱
Nice to know your programming works Grant 😉
Intentionally began with 5 thrusters. 16 seconds left in the 9th round so time was 8:44
*4.) complete. Did not use the blocks. 5 rounds @ 135#, 5 rounds @ 155# / 5 reps of man-makers with 35,40, and 50# dumbbells.
FS 185. HSPU/BMU/TTB complex. HSPU negatives/shoulder&lat work. Free WOD. 5x10 BF C2B.
15rds as prescribed
Free WOD w/ the Johnsons
Holy 🐄 big PR. 5 rounds: 12 reverse hypers, 20 GHDs, 60 sec plank
Oh my! Even scaling this one bites!! #30 MB Squats (hugged) & Line over burpees (very grouchy knee).