Monday Dec 18 2017

**Todd from Aurora BayCare will be in house tonight at 4:30pm. Come and get your boo boos checked out**

I got to watch Green Bay Barbell members throw some Kilos around this last Saturday. Sadly I missed Charlie and Meri lift but I did get to watch Jared hit a 5 kilo Clean & Jerk for his last lift (second meet in a row he pulled this off), Josie smile after every perfect Snatch (seriously perfect), Lily go for 3/3 in the Snatch (I'll have to share the slow motion video sometime and you'll all know what full extension looks like), Vong hitting that floor so hard with those feet during his Jerk that heads literally turned, Pauly Mantz going 2/3 on his Clean & Jerk and getting so excited on the last Jerk that he almost beat the judge telling him to drop the bar, RaLinda going 2/3 on the Snatch with the smoothest overhead squat I've seen on a platform and Laurie K going 1/3 in the Snatch but watching her improvement on those details she's been concentrating on over these last 9 weeks was inspiring. Even though I didn't get to see Charlie who went 4/6 hitting meet PR's in both lifts and as I mentioned last night Meri added 17 kilos to her total from her last meet, that's a lot in case you didn't know. I also got to watch the coaching from Charlie, Ty and Sal and was so impressed watching the 3 of them work as a team with one intention and that was keeping the lifters calm, cool and collect no matter if they missed or made their lifts. Overall it was another impressive showing for Green Bay Barbell and I'm extremely proud of all of you. Congrats crew!
Have a great Monday. 
1.) Every 2 minutes  (5-5-3-2-1-1-1) Back Squat establishing a 1RM Back Squat 
2.) Cookies
Partner 10 minute AMRAP 
100 Double Unders (25)
75 Wallballs 20/14lb (15)
50 Box Overs 24/20" (5)
25 Handstand Push Ups (5)
Note: one teammate works alternating after partner does reps within parethesis for each given movements 
*3.) 10 minute EMOM 2 Snatch @ approx 55% from blocks @ High Hang
*4.) 5 rounds
20/17 Assault Bike
15 Dumbbell Power Clean & Jerk 50/30lb
Note: one head of the db must touch the ground each rep
*5.) 3 rounds 
15 Weighted Hip Extension (5-25lb)
10 Weighted GH Raise (5-15lb)
15 Reverse Hyper
*6.) tABata
Flutter Kicks
Hollow Rock
Russian Twist
Parallette L-sit (scale with hanging l-sit/knee raise)
note: 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds each movement. 1 minute rest between each movement 
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33 HSPU w/ Karl
BS 315# PR
Glad Matt didn’t die 🙌🏼
Modifications-partner with angel
Bs to 65# post surgery pr
32 HSPU w/zeamer 14# WB 1 abmat
160# BS (5# PR) felt super easy. Snatch EMOM @60# felt like garbage so I went down to 55# (go away cold! 🤧 🤒 🤢)
10min: 1+ 18 box overs w/Rachael :)
265# BS (10# pr and had more in me)
1+2 WB w/ Grant
BS up to 165#
58 box over /bruce
325#bs 5#pr
1+53 DU w/Brandi
Mix of HSPUs and holds, mostly holds for me. Up to 385# BS, no PR
BS 165# failed 175# not cool.
1+ 53. DU mix of 1-2 mat HSPU and 15 sec holds Team Binsfeld
3 HSPU w/Sarge
BS 275#; failed 290x2 - didn’t squeeze those 🍑 to stand it up
1 rd + 10 wb w/ Danielle!
235 bs single. No prs. Bmu work. Gotta get rid of that chicken wing
58 box overs with Bill
Failed PR attempt at 285#. Was a cool fail though, so...
1 rd + 32 WB w/ Jess
190# BS (15# PR), tabata abs
Just short of 1 complete round with Todd
335 BS, could have done so much more but haven’t gone this heavy in so long. Next time!
235lbs bs PR 1 + 25 pj
365 bs 50lbs short 10hspu with Christian snatch emom, 100 cal bike
w/ Derek
BS 465#
15hspu with Amy
205# BS, (20# pr). 10# WB, box pu for me, plate n mat for Amy
1+10 WB with Britt.
250 bs. 100 butterfly PU (attempts) 100 GHD. Yesterday s jerk emom 125
210# BS PR 10 PU short of 1 rd
Workout with Jackson - best part of my day
With bets and I sweated a bit
Worked up to 275 and knee is feeling more confident every day
11 HSPU's W/ Brandon (Team Ginger!)
295# BS, tried and failed 310# PR
1 round with Katie! Penguins & regular pushups
170# BS (10# PR)
10 min. version. 1 + 6 WB's (With Jamie H.)
BS of 255# . Not good. Did #5 EC with 25# and 15# weight.
20HSPU w Krystal L
BS ^ #190 (95%) That was fun! 👏👏
9HSPU with Zach 💕
(second one too) Thanks Coach Tom for getting me all the way down the field, and Coach Derrick for getting me over the goal line. You guys are the best!
Rest Day
Bummed to miss this one - looked like fun!
BS PR at 190# (5#)
Went for 200# and couldn’t move. Partner wod w/ Jamie K👯
1 + 150 dubs
BS 247 (2# PR), snatches 80#, tABata abs, gymnastics work
40 HSPU with Eric! • 215 BS 10# PR 💪🏼
16# WB and 1 pad HSPU
225# BS
Not a PR and stopped I want to get my squat RIGHT first. WOD with Rachel! We were 5 HSPU short of the 15 min cap. My long ass arms were a handicap! Sorry P!
1+5 Du's W/ Tom fameree
365# BS (10# PR)
50 Wb/2nd round/w/Brad
425# BS - 20# PR
8 wallballs at time cap. Fun with Michelle. 175 back squat match my PR.
1 round + 20 DUs with Laura (15 minute version)
Laura's ankle is still recovering so she did 10 GHD sit-ups instead of the 25 DUs and 5 box step ups with dumbbells instead of 5 box overs / HBBS: 5@255, 5@275, 3@295, 2@305, 1@ 315, 325, and 335# / Snatch triples from blocks at high hang, resetting after each rep: 95, 115, 135, 145, 150#
#180 BS not a PR. Injured hip
Wod with Megan!!
Parter w/T :)
16 HSPU with Barbi
205# BS pr
1 + several DUS w/ B❤️. (My jump rope broke ☹️)
217# BS PR (lawl by a solid 2#) . Snatch EMOM at 110#.
150# BS 15# PR
1R + 118 DU/SU w/ Sam C.
Sam rocked the rx'd bits & I scl'd everything (SU/#10/16" B-SO/elbow wiggles. BS: #155/165(f)(only#50 away from previous best🙄). PEC: 3×{25 GH-HE/15 GHSU/10 push/5 pull/10 A-RD
1 full round with Tim
Tim team time. 210 BS PR!
Just a handful of reps short of 1 rd with Cal
355 BS...10lb PR
1 + 5 DU’s w/ Mike Green
255# BS
Stuff with Tina
1 rd and some double unders
1 rd + 50 DU w Chris R (15m version)
60 BO (misread); 375# (10# PR)
BS ^ 177#, 2# PR!! Thanks Ryan!
kept moving, 6# WB, bike instead of DUs
9hspu with Jennie
15 minutes Failed 320#