Sunday Dec 17 2017

Want to congratulate all the lifters at the Brew City Open. Thank you to coaches Charlie, Ty and Sal for a job well done! Also a big shout out to Jordan For providing us with programming that continues to get Green Bay Barbell lifters on that podium! We'll get the full rundown on tomorrow nights post. 
Just got this note from Charlie:
Everyone did great. 7 of 9 had meet PRs. Meri moved her total up 17kg going 6-6 and winning the new honorary GBB lifter of the meet
Team WOD details from Christian:
Official start time is 7 am this morning. Fifteen minutes earlier than the last few weeks but coach Tom has something fun planned.  He said the WOD would take about 15 minutes, so figure at least 30...
Ideal teams will be 3 athletes of any gender makeup.  Movements:  lunges, rowing, shoulder to overhead & BFB.
Also, we will be taking donations to help Angel Anderson's father so bring some folding money!
Doors will open about 6:40 am.
1.) 5 Split Jerk @ approx 65% every 2 minutes for 5 rounds 
Note: do not put the bar down until all 5 reps are complete. 
2.) Move
5 rounds for time
20 Pull-ups 
500m Row
20 GHD Sit-ups 
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50# split jerks. WOD 31:32
28:49 ☠️ green band pu’s, ghd’s to //
Split jerk 60#
Team wod with Danielle & Derek
21:45 bike .5 mile for row regular sit-ups instead of ghd
2 rds pullups then rings. Ab mat. 125# split jerks.
Team WOD with Betsy and Derek
PU work after.
Scaled Ring rows
Hungover 😵
See you tomorrow. ✌🏻
28ish (PU-blk band; 3- GHD, rest sit-ups) 55# Split Jerk
Team WOD w Barbi & Paula. Fun way to start the day!
Team WOD with Karl and Christian
7:44 65#. 23:24 65 # 1rd, 35 2 rds 45 4 rds. Partners Barbi and Kelsey. Thanks ladies.
After arriving home: 5x5 front squat @ 245# from the floor (belted). The cleans felt great and no fails! / Shelby WOD: used our brand new 70# kettlebell for goblet squats, alternating lunges, and American kettlebell swings! / EMOM10: 8 kettlebell snatches with the new 53# kettlebell. Switched arms every round. Rumble roller on quads and hammies.
Team WOD with Chuck & Garrett
20:41 Move
21:23 parallel GHD’s
145# Jerks