Optical Illusion

Wednesday Dec 13 2017

Just because you mess something up that doesn't mean game over. Game over happens at death and death only. So if you fall get back up and if you fail try again, always moving forward because games don't get won standing still.
Have a nice Wednesday
1.) Optical Illusion
15 Burpee Box Over 24/20"
15 Muscle Ups
15 Burpee Box Over 24/20"
15 Strict Deficit Handstand Push-Ups 3x45 males / 2x45 females 
15 Burpee Box Over 24/20"
15 Muscle Ups
15 Burpee Box Over 24/20"
note: scale strict deficit hspu with kip deficit hspu
*2.) Every 90 seconds for 6 rounds 1 Back Squat @ approx 90%
*3.) Every 2 minutes for for 4 rounds 6 Push Jerk @ approx 60% 
*4.) 3 rounds of Clean Complex from Blocks @ High Hang @ approx 50%
3 Extension->2 High Pull->1 Power Clean
*5.) 8 minute EMOM 
17 Wallballs 25/16lb
3 Bar Muscle Ups 
*6.) 100 Hollow Rocks, every time you stop roll over and complete 10 pushups

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18:24 kipped no plates only one pillow
17:46 kipping deficit/ ring rows+dips
BS@230 PJ@105(unsure what my 1Rm PJ is)
22:50 mup 20” step overs hspu from box
Push jerk 75,95,95,95
Thanks Derek for pointing out my MU flaws 2nd set of 15 were much quicker
15:42 Kipping with 45lb bs at 315 PJ 135
No WOD - snow storm
BS 225, Jerk 115, s pu and s dips
Scaled and delusional
15#plate deficit, MUP on low rings.
MUP and Kipped HSPU
15:50 15lb plate and 1 abd mat for kip hspu. Low ring mu
Done w mods
Box stepups and some box jumps//hspu 1mat (4 w 25#plates) //145#bs
5k row at home
46:10 all 30 muscle ups, kipping deficit 1x45 plate
I need to learn regular grip mu 😐😵
27:18- RX height but kipped HPSU, 5 MU 1st round, all 15 last round
PJ 85#, clean complex 85#, BS 220#, wallball and bike EMOM, C2B work
Rest Day😏
Knee treatment yesterday. Doc said I had to wait 48hrs. Hate rest days.
Getting my old snowblower stared for time RX
27:33 -rx
HS walk practice
Got 1 strict deficit HSPU in warmup for a PR. I was not able to get any during the WOD. Cut down to strict deficit HSPUs with 2 plates and got 4. Remaining 11 reps were completed with kipping HSPUs on 3 plates (all singles). 3x5 for first set of 15 MUs / 5x3 for second set of MUs / Duck from Monday complete in 9:06.
16? Some attempts at kipping, some strict #25 deficit
E.C. B.S. #155
Scaled and slightly more delusional than Buntin
22:04 kipping HSPU
Kipping HSPU/ dips and ring rows. 200# BS. 135# PJ. Did some wallballs and rowing because 🍎x1000
Good thing because my shoulders are pi$$ed coming into today. Snowy but warm Yoga.
Lots of mods—burpee pull-ups instead of MU; lipping HSPU (45+25)
24:17 Kipped deficit HSPU’s
22/30 MU
One measly 45 and kipped