Sunday Dec 10 2017

The winter season is officially upon us and as usual please bring an extra pair of shoes to the gym to keep the floor free and clear from salt and snow. Also, please keep a stocking cap, gloves and a sweatshirt handy as we will try to run as often this winter pending that pesky ice. Finally, even though you are all sweaty from the workout and your brain isn't fully aware of its surroundings don't forget that yes you did wear a jacket and you should find it and put it on before you leave. You'll catch your death otherwise!
Have a nice warm Sunday!
**7:15am Team WOD**
1.) Comedown
3 rounds 
30 Alternating Dumbbell Single Arm Power Snatch 50/30lb
200m Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Carry 50/30lb
note: carry the dumbbell overhead with either arm, switch arms as needed 
2.) 10 min EMOM
odd - Plank Hold
even - 15 Toes to Bar 


Brett Kohout368d

Am I imagining things or did we not do that EMOM @ 20 mins today?

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Sylvia Christensen 368d

it was definitely 20 min

Thumb image

Amanda Zeamer368d

Oh it was 20 Iā€™m feeling it

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25# muscle snatch, hollow rock and sit ups
Emom: planks and 5 t2b/t2b attempts
And 1 round at 30# after I was done just to prove Grant was right and I should have done 30#...shoot!
Shoulders still fatigue quickly but improving. Scaled EMOM after rd 8 to 10 T2B
Team wod w/Sylvia 24 something
13 something 45#
Team wod with Danielle. Weighted SPU's
Overslept for time
Team WOD with Chad - thanks Christian!
HSPU work after.
Team wod with Jess
I did not care for that
Team WOD w Paula and Holly!
16# wb, 95# clns, shoulder height MU.
Much needed REST DAY
+ a Phoenix WIN! šŸ€šŸ‘šŸ»
18:30 with Holly and Kelsey. 95 cln and shoulder height mu bar. PR my du got 70.
Studied for Chemistry Final Exam
8:15 class- 9:12
Team WOD with Brittany (time?)
Holy šŸš¬šŸ¤·
14:18 @#25; 12 T2B}Ɨ8/11}Ɨ2
Team wod with Tina