Saturday Dec 9 2017

Please join us for our weekly Saturday morning Community Workout at 8:15am. Every one is welcome to come and see what CFGB might have to offer you in your journey to being truly well! 
If you are looking for a Christmas Tree I will be out by my grandfather tomorrow and Sunday helping him sell trees. You can pick your own tree and we'll cut it down for you, cost is 25 bucks. Take 41 north to Stiles and about a mile past the gas station you'll see a couple of American flags at the driveway, turn in there! Some pretty amazing Christmas trees at a great value.
Have a great Saturday!
1.) Assternity
100 Thrusters 75/55lb
60 Bar Facing Burpees
20 cal Assault Bike
50 Thrusters 75/55lb
30 Bar Facing Burpees 
10 cal Assault Bike
Note: no time cap
Choose one extra credit if time allows:
2.) 1 Back Squat @ approx 85% every 30 seconds for 6 minutes 
*3.) Establish 1RM Strict Press, Push Press & Split Jerk if you have not done so yet. No more than 20 min for each lift
*4.) 3 minutes
25 Triple Unders
Max Effort Hang Clean 225/155lb 
Note: Clean however you wish. Scale trips with 150 dubbs

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Chris Ness370d

I would Rather give you $30 bucks for a tree

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Paul Mantz370d

Aptly named WOD

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Free wod with Shannon
Free wod w/ Sylvia. Did Assternity partner style with Jamie
21:11 empty bar
150# BS
Shoveling snow and thinking about all the thrusters I didn’t do today.
Shoveled driveways for time.
Free WOD with Kara
To Assternity and back! 28:20
26:57 - loved that one
Back squats @ 175#
BS 210#
30:20 RX • 180# BS
thrusters and I need a break from each other #relationshipprobs
Free WOD
w/ Terri. I was not sad practice was scheduled during the thurster nightmare. :)
Free wod with Holly and Brandon.
25,25,15,15,10,10 for the 100 thrusters / 15,15,10,10 for the 50 thrusters /Lateral burpees-over-bar rather than BFB due to space constraints / 22 GHDs and 15 cal SkiErg from yesterday complete in 9:48 / *4.) Parallel Bar dips and parallel bar walks from Thursday complete - needed to rest 4 times during the complex
Free Wod. BS 195#. MU/HS work.
Free WOD with Michelle and then all the thrusters 🤢
22:19 (55#)
10x175 bs
Free WOD. 185 BS 🔥🍑🔥