Moderate and Steady (formerly known as Slow and Steady)

Thursday Dec 7 2017

If the weather permits and we are running outside, please wear a vest and keep your headphones out of your ears. People are dumb, when they drive they do dumb things, and when you don't have all your senses intact during these times you can actually add to the dumbness by getting run over. Seriously, pay some close attention to your surroundings when in high risk situations (such as running at night, walking around a bunch of people snatching or whatever else may pop up while you are here). This is another pretty important life skill to keep you alive so be Good At Everything and practice while you're working out.
Have a Situationally Aware Thursday!
1.) Moderate and Steady (formerly known as Slow and Steady)
30 minute AMRAP
Row 1000m
10 Bar Muscle Ups
Run 1 mile
10 Bar Muscle Ups
100 cal Assault Bike
10 Bar Muscle Ups
*2.) 3 Front Squat @ approx 85% every 3 minutes for 12 minutes
*3.) Establish 1RM Split Jerk in under 20 minutes
note: i recommend using the blocks
*4.) Parallel Bar's Challenge no. 1
5 Dips
Walk (past the post on other end)
4 Dips
Walk (back to the start point walking backwards)
3 Dips 
2 Dips 
1 Dip
note: 3 attempts
*5.) 10 minute EMOM
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
note: complete both each minute. chest must touch ground for push-ups use dumbbells for feet and keep your hands intertwined behind your head for sit-ups
*6.) Muscle Up Challenge Day 25
25 Muscle ups

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Chris Ness371d

What was the original work out?

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1+499 m row
Jumping bmus, 275 FS
4/10 MUs last round
80# FS. 2/10 MU 40.20 bike
Running was the best part!
Came back from run and things went down hill
Completed 1 round
Finished parallel bar challenge
1 + 382m row
Subbed 1600m ski erg for run. Low bmus
508 cal 2nd Rnd RX ran past 800 meter marker stupid snow, uniform change before run and after. Pu su emom
CrossFit Generation 13:20
25 pull-up; 50 cal row; 100 OHS (45#); 50 BJs; 25 pull ups. DL- up to 275#x5; BS - 3 rds 125#x10
1 Rd + 110m
Jumping bar mu I will be back on that bar within a month!
mod BMU's
With a short potty break for Avery.
42.7 cals on Assault 🚲
BMU from box, sub rope jump and ski erg for running. Hip flexor and hamstring mobility
5 cals on bike then baby started to protest, banded PUs
Five 30 second planks, 50 cals on airdyne
60 cals bike. Modified MU low barbell
100 cal + 5 (low) bmu
Ran inside
Row, ran and 17 BMUs total
125# FS emom
1 rounds + 177m row (BMU progressions)
FS 170, lots of C2B work, EMOM push ups/sit ups, failed parallel challenge (need to work on walking backwards)
Rest Day
Knee Flared up after thruster workout earlier in week. Back at it tomorrow!
1+112m on the rower
FS @255#
100 cal on bike @ cap
HS walk practice for AB
46 cAL on bike at time finish. Muscle up from chin height bar.
5x5 Front squat @ 235# every 2:30 / 135,185,205,225 WU / 10 alternating pistol squats (without grabbing my foot!) every 2:30 for 5 rounds for 50 total - 25 each leg / Chemistry Take-Home Exam
1/10 MUS last round. Then 9ish attempts. Ended with 44 cals
195 SJ PR. 165 FS. 5x3 DL 240.
2/10 Mu last round
Thru final 6/10 C2B. **scl'd w/: 1600m ski erg & C2B v. MMU. 2 hrs Yoga🕉️
3/10 MU’s final round
Magnum rip with a blood bath ensuing.
100 Cal on bike
1 rd + 50m
+10 BMU 50m from this summer
29 cal in second bike ride - bike instead of run, mod BMUs
74 cals bike