Sister no. 2

Monday Dec 4 2017

CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens begins tonight! CFGB Kids will begin at 4:15pm running until 4:45pm and CFGB Teens will begin at 4:45pm concluding at 5:30pm. This will begin the 8 week program taking those kids from couch potatoes to little athletes and the teenager from an inexperienced weightlifter in to a kid that can walk into any gym and show how it's done. Classes will be held twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays at the same times. Go to the Programs Tab and click on Teens for updated class info. 
I want to wish a big Happy Birthday to my sister Holly today. She's been with me since birth and since the birth of CFGB. I am very proud of you sis. I'm changing up the usual workout (Sister) this year due to the condition of our ropes. As soon as new ropes are hung we will hit that one up to get them ready for the 2017 Ice Bowl. It will be soon! Anyways love you sis and hope your day is pretty alright!
I want to thank Derek for his clinic this last Saturday. Derek is a very wise and caring soul and he's only still a puppy. I look forward to seeing Derek help you all and you do the same for him as he grows into skin as a CrossFit Competitor, Coach, as an overall great human being. If you attended this weekend can you please post your comments about your experience? Thank ya!
Happy Monday!
1.) 9 Back Squats @ approx 75% every 3 minutes for 2 rounds
note: unbroken zero pause is the name-o of the game-o 
2.) Sister no. 2
11 minute AMRAP
50 Handstand Push-ups
40 Overhead Squats 75/55lb
30 Muscle Ups
Note: scale with 25 hspu/20 ohs/15 mu and so on as necessary 1 round is the goal
*3.) 3 rounds
15 Reverse Hypers
7 Strict Bar Muscle Ups
note: as strict as humanly possible meaning if you kip it's as tight and precise as possible
*4.) Every 90 seconds for 12 rounds 1 Snatch extension -> 1 Snatch @ approx 85% 
note: load on the way down for a touch and go. if unable to complete without death occurring drop by 5% until able to do so
*5.) 17 minute max cal Row
note: pick a pace for the entire 17 minutes not too fast not too slow just fast enough to be able to have to work for the entire 17 minutes i.e. not being able to talk comfortably

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Chris Ness375d

Gonna need more than 11 minutes


Brett Kohout375d


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Grant Soletski375d

Goinna wanna scale that shit then


Brett Kohout375d

I attended Derek's presentation & can tell you there was a lot of value he was offering. His life experiences, research, & the overall thought he's given the topics he presented were quite evident. I know I walked away from it with more than I came into it with & for that I'm thankful to him. If/when he puts it on again a recommend attending if you can.

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11 mu. 165# BS not really zero pause tho😳
Happy Birthday Grant&Holly!!!!!!!πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ 95#snatch
14/30 dips (red band)
(25/20/30) 15 hspu 1 mat, 10 hspu 2 mat
95# BS 1 round and 7 muscle up ring scaled
1 + 23/25 hspu
15#+ab mat ring row and my progression rep scheme 25/20/15 Happy birthday Grant 😘 & Holly!!!
1 round 25 (2)abmat hspu/20 ohs/15 mu progressions
245 bs | 11/15 MUs *two ab mat hspu*
1 rd + 10 HSPU
25/20/15 scheme | BS 215#
1 rd + 17 hspu**
25/20/15 but did 36 ohs before realizing I was only supposed to do 20 πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Bs 175 lots of kip and hips to rings work with Justin and friends
1 rd normal rep scheme w/ mu progressions
130# BS, lots of hips to rings work. Thank you Justin!
1 rd + 20/20 ohs
Scaled version 205&225 back squat
Plan was to get back to wall not even close. RX 15 MU
185# BS
290 BS 8/30 MU 17 min 4265 meters row , Snatches in kilos
1 + 3 hspu
205 snatch
13/30 MU progression on low rings
1 abmat (mix of strict/kip) rx OHS. BS 125#
205 bs and I did stuff for the workout.
1 rd + 11 OHS (scaled reps, rx OHS, HSPU from box, MU progressions)
120# BS
BS: 265#
BS at 275
Smolov flashbacks.
1 rd + 17 OHS, all the scaling
BS @ 85#
145lb back squat
Scaled 25-20-15, 1 round +9/20 OHS. Scaled mu on low rings
Gymnatics with TomTom!
working on those bar MUs. Still elusive.
Thru 10 MU progs, 15#plate abmat, 35#
Squats 65#, 85#
1rd + 10mup Scaled
Hspu πŸ“¦, 55# // BS 130#
RX thru HSPU/OHS (9:20)
Then some hips to rings for the last 1:40. BS @145#
1 muscle up RX
155# back squats
6/30 MU RX
BS 185#, handstand walking and dips, BMU practice
1 + 10 HSPU β€’ 160# BS
Scaled MUs with band
1 rd + 9 HSPU **
Scaled 25/20/15, low rings MU, 160# BS, row - 4265m (stayed around 2:00min pace and 24 S/m, Snatch 95# 7 rounds
125#bs. 10 ohs. All 50 hspu w 25# Pl and ab mat. 1 min to spare.
Chemistry Class
4 reps from 1 round
165 for squatting. And hspu from box. Did the 17 minutes if rowing as well
0/2 Ring MU (25/20/15)
16 MU RX BS #145
Through roughly 15 MU progressions
155 BS legz feeling woBbly. 115 snatches.
1rd + 16/25hspu 170# bs
Thru 15/30 MMU***
***super modified: 2HSPU->48 DB-PU/#15 Box OHS/mod.MU&RD. BS: #105Γ—10}Γ—2. Shlders 🚬 - not even rowing EC felt worth it.
Subbed MU with 30 strict pull-ups
1 rd + 7/25 HSPU
275# BS
1 rd + 2 mu progressions, lot of scaling!
half the reps, push ups, 25# 95# BS