Saturday Dec 2 2017

I want to congratulate Betsy, Becky, Brad, Angela and Kate on a great 21 Day Challenge. I was very impressed by all the essays and hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did. Original intention was to pick a winner based off of the essays but upon further thought I have decided to crown them all as winners because well, they all won. Congratulations and you will each receive $64 and the admiration of myself and the members of CFGB as your reward. 
The December 21 Day Challenge begins today. Cost is $30 and will be 92% Paleo with the exception of white rice and any dairy that is full fat. Grains, sugar, alcohol are still no no's. Same rules as usual for the training, participants must be at CFGB 17 of the 21 days as well as keeping a full journal of their food and training and get a measurement around navel and 2" below navel. For the measurements please remember who measured you so you can have them measure you at the end.  Food journal forms will be provided to all via email on Saturday evening after sign up is complete. Yoga, pilates, weightlifting, skill work and mobility all count towards the 17 days you just need to do it at CFGB. A reminder that that there are exceptions to the 17 of the 21 days rule if you are absolutely unable to make it to the gym due to being out of town or whatever your excuse is, you just need to get it approved by myself or Justin. Make sure your name is on that board so I can get you that email and if for some reason you can't get your name on the board tomorrow just send me a message. Put your money in the CFGB cash box in and envelope with your name on it please. 
The Mindset Project with Derek is today at high noon today and will run to a little past 2pm. Free to Specialty class members and $20 per adult. As Derek described it this isn't just a motivational speech but an eduacational journey for that mind of yours.  Motivation is temporary but knowledge is your body's personal library. 
Note from Derek
**We will uncover a few myths in our society like: 
1. Happiness is the natural state of all humans and if you’re not, you’re defective 
2. To have a better life you must get rid of all negative thoughts/feelings
**We will also learn a little formula and why/how it works! 
Freed Thoughts + Purposeful Action = Results
**You know where the most wealthy place on the planet is?? The cemetery! There you will find inventions never invented, books never written, ideas never shared, and leaders who didn’t speak. Learn why fear is merely perception. 
Hope to see you there!
Have a great Saturday everyone!
1.) 7 minutes to establish 1RM Strict Press
2.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes 10 Strict Press @ 50% 1RM
3.) Bulldog
20 minute AMRAP
100m Run
20 Air Squats
100m Run
20 Walking Lunges
100m Run
20 Push-ups
100m Run 
20 Sit-ups
*4.) Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1 @ approx 90%
*5.) Up the ladder as far as you can in 7 min
You do not come off the bar until you complete all 4 movements
1 Pull-up->1 Chest to Bar Pull-up->1 Toes to Bar->
1 Bar Muscle Up 
Then 2 of each, then 3 of each and so on until time runs out. If you break a set start back over at 1

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Grant, your crushing my dreams of beating Becky!! 😩

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Congrats everyone! 👊

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8:00 am class
SP 85# 5# PR. Sets of tens @ 42#
3 + 20/20 lunges + 56m
Sub 150m row; sub GHD | SP 135# 1RM. E2MOM 75#
9:15 and free WOD with the fam
HSPU and GHD. OHS and bar MU work after.
145/75 4+20 walking lunge
3 rounds + 17/20 lunges
75# SP
3 rounds + 3rd run. With a vest and ghd’s in place of sit-ups.
135# press and 75# for emom
Free WOD
4 rounds with GHDs in place of sit-ups
90# strict press PR; front squats @ 140#
3 + 100m • 55# strict press
Tied PR of 100#
3 rounds + start of run
130# strict press. Never tested it so I’m gonna go with it’s a PR. :)
Wearing a 20# weight vest and GHD sit-ups instead of regular sit-ups - 3 rounds + 15/20 push-ups
160# strict press / 95# for 5x10 strict press / Snatch doubles: 95,115,135,155,165,175,180,185,190, and 1 out of 2 @ 195# / 10 total snatch pulls @ 225#
Things + 75/100m run
Free WOD with Johnson
190# SJ PR / 50 reps (CF Recursive)
AMRAP 8: 10 C&J (65#), Rest 1 min. 10 C&J (75#), Rest 1 min. 10 C&J (95#), Rest 1 min. ME C&J (115#).
3rds and 2nd 100 run
145 strict press
P.E.C. Day & Derek's Awesome talk
30 min Spin -> 2×{30" Bridge/30" #30 armbar/25 #30 AMSU/15 BB bridges (#105)/5 DHPU/25 GH-HE/20 narrow squats #30. (Day1/21 Challenge)
4 + 15 PU’s
165# strict press