PR Day

Friday Dec 1 2017

Today is the last installment of the 21 Day Challenge championship Essays and tomorrow night we will announce the winner(s) of the Challenge. The December 21 Day Challenge will officially begin Saturday instead of today. Sign up on that board and maybe it could be your essay that inspires someone else to join this competition and have their lives changed just as it has changed yours oh and win some cash too!
I still remember when Becky walked into CFGB 5 years ago, matter of fact I even remember the dress she was wearing but most importantly I remember her telling me that she wanted to be an athlete again. It's been a long journey with many ups and downs, successes and failures but the one thing that has remained the same, she never gave up. I am very proud of you Becky and with that first place finish with Buntin this last October at the Gauntlet 943 I do believe that the athlete goal has been attained. Happy reading everyone!
“Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure” ~Aisha Tyler
I am 5 years and 3 months into my crossfit journey at Crossfit Green Bay.  People who regularly attend the fiveonefive have seen me struggle to get rid of fat and stay consistent.  At times, I would do very well for a few months only to undo all of the hard work by going back to things that cause immediate gratification like beer and pizza. A LOT of beer and pizza. It was throwing on so much inflammation that I didn’t even have the energy to go to the gym.  When presented with the challenge, I figured that I needed something to keep me on track. 
                Well, this was Challenge number 7 in a row for me.  I have had my share of failures.  It took me 6 challenges to finally take 1st place.  In the beginning, I found that I would do very well during a 21 day challenge only to undo all of that hard work in the 2 weeks between the challenges. I spent a great deal of time working on my “why” and vision as to where I see myself in 3 months, 6 months, or in a year.  I found that doing well in a challenge only to spend a few weekends binging was not going to get me to those goals. I am setting small short term goals that are helping me get to those long term goals as well. I actually signed up for my first crossfit competition which helped keep me on track with eating.  Erin and I actually took 1st place! And my latest………. I WILL GET THAT STUPID BAR MUSCLE UP BY DECEMBER 31ST, 2017 IF IT KILLS ME! I have never imagined myself actually being able to do one!  I am so close!
                In addition to vision, friends and friendly competition are key.  Michelle, Holly and I got together to make 72 meals.  We had a blast and we set ourselves up for success.  There are many Facebook messages between us throughout the week talking about our struggles.  It might be the stress we are experiencing that is affecting our will to get to the gym (HOLLY!), but having those people there gets you through those short term struggles.  They expect you to be at the gym on Saturday am.  Have you done a nasty WOD with a horrible hangover?  Try it once.  It will make you question drinking on a Friday night.  Tell everyone you will be there, fill up on steak, sweet potatoes, broccoli, get up early…and kill it.  You will never regret eating right and going to crossfit, but you will regret how eating crap makes you feel like crap.  It may have taken me 7 challenges to get here, but I see myself continuing in a positive direction keeping my vision and my “why” right in front of me.
                Happy Holidays!
                Becky Smith

1.) Snatch 1-1-1-1-1
2.) Clean & Jerk 1-1-1-1-1
*3.) 3-3-3-3-3 Front Squat @ approx 80%, rest no more than 3 minutes between sets
Strict Wide Grip Pull-ups
Narrow Grip Bench Press 225/155lb
Strict Narrow Grip Pull-ups
Bench Press 225/155lb
Strict Chin-ups
note: not for time but do not stop moving though. steady eddy is the goal bench press needs to be scaled to a weight that allows you to not need a spotter 
*5.) 3 minutes Max Effort Assault Bike cals 
Rest 3 minutes
2 minutes Max Effort Assault Bike cals 
Rest 2 minutes
1 minute Max Effort Assault Bike cals 
Note: record each round
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Mary Stueber598d

Proud of you Becky! And, don’t forget, #beatBrad 😂

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Kate Mantz598d


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Brad Rush598d

Really Mary!

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Mary Stueber598d

Just fueling the fire 🔥 😄


Erin Buntin598d

Congrats Becky, you have amazing determination that leads you to continued success!! Keep it going girl....let’s get that bar MU tomorrow, no need to wait til 12:31. 👍🏻

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Rebecca Smith598d

Ok. Deal!

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Angela Cervantes598d

Well done Becky

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Hit 190 snatch and 285 c&j then forgot how to drop under bar
115 snatch, 150 c&j no prs
Strict press no pr
Just happy to have a barbell back in my hands
110# snatch (5# PR) failed 115# x3
130 power clean (5# PR) failed the jerk
55# snatches and 75# clean jerk
65# snatch (5# pr), 97# clean (2#pr), but failed the jerk x 3
Sn 115 Power 185 c&j
85# snatch
115# CJ
185 snatch (25# pr) | 235 C&J (50# pr)
145# snatch; 235# clean no jerk
10# snatch pr; 20# clean pr
140 snatch 3 missed attempts 150, 182 c&j Pr!
Wasn’t expecting to Pr today but not complaining
No PR’s per lousy form
155# snatch, 185# c&j
Up to 115# snatch and 165# CJ
No PRs lots of fails.
The Don 68, about 30 actual K2E’s
No PRs, but felt good
Up to 140 Snatch, and 175 C&J. Thanks all the coaches for the tips!
Fixing snatch mechanics 110#; 177#c&j fail x3
105#snatch 130#CJ
No PR. Solid day.
Did this the other day. Not even close to anything resembling a PR. 200 snatch, 225 CJ.
100lb snatch, 130 c&j. 135lb clean, failed jerk. No pr
Snatch 70# previous PR Power clean& J (kind of push press) 102# PR
90# sn (15#pr) // 120#cj
100# fs
120# snatch PR, 165# clean PR no jerk
C&J up to 155#
132# snatch (7# PR), 155# C&J (5# clean PR, 8# jerk PR)
110# Snatch (3# PR). 151.8 C&J (2.2# PR)
BB and CF #FiveOneFive fun!
Sooooo bummed I’m missing this one while on the road. Plan to try and get it in before shootaround tomorrow. 🤞🏻 For some PR’s!!!
175# snatch, clean 235# no PR
30# PR on my FS tho for 305#
No Pr’s but always fun to watch and try
Missed 235# snatch twice Missed 265# clean twice Good misses
SN @175 💩
C&J 235 up 5; Cleans 240 up 10
87# snatch, PR. 130# c&j PR.
Worked until 9:00 p.m.
#90 snatch #115 c&j failed no PR's
FS #100
125#snatch (5#PR) 160#CJ (10#PR)
Tabata assault
No PRs but great time watching so many Five One Fivers getting after it and crushing some PRs
115 snatch, failed 125. 145 c&j
87# snatch pr/130# cj pr
135# clean, jerk-fail
Worked on PSn & PCl (no jerks today). #75&#100. PEC: KB-MM/DHPU/SU w/ Solly.
42:43 The Don
The Don
“The Don 68”