Shin Dig

Thursday Nov 30 2017

Our favorite little Italian is tonight's 21 Day Challenge essay contributor. Angela provides the morning classes with many smiles from her never knowing exactly what is going on to Snatching like an old pro. Personally, I think she lost 15 years of age in this challenge and her commitment to being in the gym every day has brought about a new confindence that is refreshing. Angela, I don't know what we'd do without you, I'm very proud of you!
Have a great Thursday!

I never fail to surprise myself.
When Grant and Justin asked (actually ordered me) to do the 21 day challenge……my heart sank.
“ Che cazzo Angela, don’t do it!!!! You are a chef, remember?”
I panicked a little, food is everything in my culture and is associated with family and friends gathering.
So I’m thinking:  I don’t have to do this…No thank you!!  I love my morning espresso with lots of sugar, I’m the pasta queen, and what about a nice full body, tannings, robust aged wine with bread and cheese?  Why suffer?
To show myself that I could.  So I accepted the challenge, and I excelled at it.  
I learned that cooking Paleo is not very different from the cooking that I already do.  That with an understanding of food and flavor and a lot of imagination I was able to let go of my over sugared espresso and beautiful glass of red wine at the end of my day.
This challenge has taught me not only that I can….  But most importantly how much healthier and stronger I can be!
Thank you, CFGB
Angela alias Angelina
1.) 5 Back Squat every 90 seconds for 4 rounds @ approx 70% 
2.) Shin Dig
Row 30 cal
3 rounds
21 Hang Power Cleans 115/85lb
21 GHD Sit-ups 
Row 30 cal 
*3.) 9-7-5
Snatch 155/105lb
Muscle Ups 
*4.) Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 @ approx 80%, rest no more than 2 minutes between sets
*5.) 5 rounds 
10 Reverse Hyper 
10 Hip Extension
20m Handstand Walk
*6.) With partner
14 minute cap
10 rounds, alternating after Assault Bike
20m Front Rack Walk 225/155lb
6 Bar Facing Burpees
20m Front Rack Walk 225/155lv
20/16 cal Assault Bike 

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Sylvia Christensen662d

Great work Angela! Your essay made me smile 🙃

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Krystal Lowney662d

Way to go Angela! Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful glass of wine right now.😊

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Angela Cervantes662d

I am ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Kate Mantz662d

Well deserved!! Nice work ♥️

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Theresa Rosenquist662d

Love it Angela!!😄


Alyssa DeNoble 662d

Love class time with Angela! 🤗


Cindy Opichka661d

Tough as nails!! Truly an inspiration Angela!!

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Brandi Binsfeld661d

Very inspiring Angela!!! ❤️

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155 bs
95# BS 16:30 35# and ghd
11:44 75# and GHD to =
BS @ 125#
RX wt, 2 rds GHDs, ab mat for last rd. 275# BS
13:24 rx weight/14# wall ball a mat situp
125# BS
Only strength, no WOD.
13:12 @ 95#
185# BS. (Mostly situps, some full GHD, some 1/2 GHD)
12:20 first round Rx, then 75#
BS 125#, extra credit 4&5
11:22 95# hpc
Ghd the best I can. 235 back squat.
10:29? RX squat #295 dL ext #340 snatch mu
11:05 95# situps
Rx weight, GHD to //. BS 135#.
First non scaled/handi wod this week!
14:08 Rx
215# BS
12:27, 70# cleans
BS 115#
225# BS DL for EC @ 300#
15:07, 75#HPC
140# BS 5x4. GHD to \\ for round 2
10:26 abmat sit ups
BS 255
14:27 65#. Full GHDs
12:52 rx weight, abd mat su with 15lb plate
145lb back squat
13:33 55#| wallball ab mat SUs
Squats 65# w/ happy knee
BS @135#
Squats @ 145#; deadlifts @ 215#
11:04 RX
BS 170#, DL 205#, 10 rounds of 4 unbroken strict PU
12:45 65# • 145# BS
Recovery workout
11:15 at 95#
135# bs
85# &1/2 GHD..1/2 parallel. 165# BS, DL 205x2, 215x2, 225x1, Snatch work.
11:28 one round of ab mat su 2 rounds of ghd to parallel
BS 255#
7:42 or 7:24 ab mat
BS @ 305#
BS @275 w Sergeant
12;45 75#cln. 125#bs
11-7, & 2 x 8,7,6 for HPC / FIVE x 5 HBBS @ 270# (completed my first set of 5 right after my warm-up / *3.) complete in 12:26, no fails on the 155# snatches, MUs: 5-4, 4-3, 5 / *4.) 5x3 UB @ 365# concentrating on keeping a neutral neck.
BS 195. DL 255. Back still super tight. HS/ring swings.
14:09 sit ups #10 WB, BS #135
DL #155
13:39 85#, ghd to parallel
160# bs I got a Bar muscle up with tiny red band. Soo close! This will happen in 2017. IT WILL! #UNICORNPOWER
11:14 RX, BS 155
10:18 (85#, Ghd to //)
165# bs
BS 145#
Hate it when fun workouts are on my rest days 😒
90 min 🔥Yoga🔥
1 rd ambat situps
12:05, 35#, sit ups
BS 125#