Wednesday Nov 29 2017

Tonight's essay is from another five one fiver, the one the only Brad Rush! Well done Brad and nice touch with the graphs, Justin loves graphs!
Have a great Wednesday!
“21 Days to Get It Right”

Why would you want to subject yourself to healthy eating and physical fitness in a world full of unhealthy temptations?  That’s the question I’m asked most often from family, friends and co-workers when they hear of the “21 Day Challenge”.   My answer is simple, it’s a challenge to make me a better person and provides me with the foundation to be alive and well for many years to come.   I must be honest as one of my first 21 Day Challenges, it was all about winning the money.  Quite honestly, my mind set was simply, drop as much weight as possible and be the “Biggest Loser” to win the money.  Easier said than done because I soon discovered it’s not meant to be a temporary thing as these challenges are to provide you guidance and feedback on your overall eating and physical performance to make you a better person…….forever!  Every day we have those unhealthy challenges put in front of us and the true challenge is, are you strong enough, emotionally, to handle that challenge and ignore the temptations?  
Overall, I’m down 17 + lbs, through these challenges and I can tell you that it’s made a huge difference in my day to day life as well as my ability to perform various movements in the gym.  I can even do some workouts RX vs scaled.
Let’s talk about the positives in eating healthy and cutting out all the crap from your diet.  I’m always keeping an eye on my resting heart rate as it’s a great indicator of having a less stressed heart to keep your blood pumping.   Look at what I was able to accomplish in the last challenge, going from a 57 resting heart rate to a 49 increased my cardio capacity and allows for a higher heart rate in those workouts without feeling like I’m going to die.  Isn’t that the goal?  Doing the WOD’s as fast as possible without dying!!  Eating better helps you to accomplish this goal which turns into new personal records.    
In addition to having a better heart rate, I have also had positive experiences at the doctor, dentist and even getting a $500 discount on my health insurance for losing weight and having great blood work.  It “Pays” off!!  Really, it does!  During one of my recent visits to the dentist, my dentist asked what I was doing differently as my gums looked very nice and healthy.  I told her I changed my diet and she didn’t believe that my diet could impact my gum health.  I explained to her that nothing else has changed with my dental hygiene and the diet was the only thing that has changed.  Next thing I knew, I had a captive audience of hygienists and receptionists asking me what I changed in my diet.

I can honestly tell you I was a little bit hesitant on my first challenges as I even gave up and didn’t finish them all because I had to have a beer or a cookie.  Now that I can see the benefits of eating healthy, and how it’s having a positive impact in my life, I’m a huge advocate that everyone should be taking the “21 challenge”.  You will drop some weight, feel better and find you can do more and more things that you never thought you could do.  The last thing and probably the best , is having a friendly little competition with your fellow gym members to see who can win the right to stand on that podium and have the bragging rights.  For me, it’s all about beating Becky Smith!!


1.) Every 2 minutes for 6 rounds complete Clean Complex @ approx 90%
Floor to Low Hang(directly below knee) ->Floor to Hang(directly above knee) ->Floor to High Hang ->Floor to Extension->Clean
note: reset each pull
2.) Yooper
Shoulder to Overhead 155/105lb
Toes to Bar
Note: scaled weights 135/95, 115/85, 95/65
*3.) 15 min AMRAP
15 Back Extension
25 Wall Squats
10 Tripod to Headatand
*4.) 10 minute EMOM 
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups 
Note: add one rep each successful round. If failure occurs go back down to 10's and both push up and sit-ups are to be done within the minute
*5.) 3 rounds
50m Overhead Single Arm Dumbbell Walk, R 50/30lb
10 Overhead Single Arm Dumbbell Squats, R 50/30lb
50m Overhead Single Arm Dumbbell Walk, L 50/30lb
10 Overhead Single Arm Dumbbell Squats, L 50/30lb
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Mary Stueber600d

Best ending 😂. Great job Brad! Fun to watch your improvement at #FiveOneFive!

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Rebecca Smith600d

😠 #beatbrad

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Kate Mantz600d

Well dang! Why didn’t I think to use a chart🤓😉Nice work Brad!!

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Brad Rush600d

It's time for me to beat you Becky Smith 😳🏋️🥈

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Theresa Rosenquist599d

Awesome Brad!! 👊👊

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7:20 rx weight laying down t2b
255 cleans
9:39. Yikes.
145 clean complex. Time with Caleeai🤗
9:30 55# clean
185 cleans
8:00 65#, t2//.. 85# clean complex
6:02 75#. T2B 50/50
Clean complex 115#
V ups on rig for TTB. 155# S2OH 255# clean complex
115# clean complex
5:26 *95lbs*
185 clean complex
4:55 sub 75# SP
Clean complex @ 195#. Yoga with Christmas 🎶☃️🎄🎁🎶. Thanks T!
Clean complex 145 @ 75%. First day back from being sick. Gymnastics work
Rest day!
6:45 @ 115 cleans @ 165
EC-back ext/wall squats/ tripods. 10min emom push-ups and ghd's
6:49 RX 225 clean complex
5:44????? - who knows, just work on T2B
155 clean - light. Swung on rings. push-up/sit-up EC. tripod -> headstand work (no wonder i'm so bad at HSPUs!) Life motto: Always squeeze your butt
305 cleans
8ish 115 s2oh and toes to j cup
185 Clean complex
7:16; 70#; toes to parallel & T2B combo
105# clean complex
Clean: 230
9:35 @ 135# woof
185# clean complex
75#, worked on kip (21), t2b (15,9)//95-105# clean complex
Clean complex at 115#
Cleans 145#; cluster/ring dip from yesterday done with red band and 30# db
8:58 LOL 🤪
Cleans 135#, EMOM push ups and sit ups, 3 mile run, dumbbell extra credit, some FS/rowing/sandbag overshoudler
8:09 95# • 125# Clean Complex
Back Ext/BS/Tripod>headstand AMRAP
9:15 @ 115#
135# clean
Kip swings - grip strength sucks. Needs improvement. 145# clean complex. First day back from Cancun and cancun’s food revenge. 🤒🤢
185# clean complex
Cleans @205
21 S2O UB, 3x7 T2B, 8-7 S2O, 8-7 T2B, 9 UB S2O, 5-4 T2B / 230# clean complex / *3.) 21-15-9 of 50# dumbbell clusters and ring dips from yesterday complete in 12:02 - dips from high rings
Cleans 155#. Back super tight.
8:59 105#
125# clean complex
7:08 @ 135
165# clean complex
7:16 75# T2B - survival and get them done
115# Cleans
150# cleans. 5000 meter row with 1 snatch every 500m (115#). OH walking DB EC 5:58. GHD/KB EMOM.
****Super scl'd! #55 (#65 just felt off) oh well, moved quickly though. Complex: #80 (gotta get that shift into HH better!!!)
6:28 @ 135#
6:13 Rx
225# clean complex
7:06, 25#, toes to rig
65# clean complex
165# clean complex