Tuesday Nov 28 2017

Tonight's essay is courtesy of my lovely wife Betsy. Betsy has been in almost every challenge whether she wanted to or not and usually it was more so the not. I must admit I just signed her up and kind of forced the issue and with most people when you force something things usually don't end well. It's only when people make their own minds up that goals get accomplished. Well the goal was accomplished she crushed the challenge as I knew she could. I'm proud of you Betsy❤️

It’s been a while since I’ve written an essay. . .so here goes nothing.  I’ve signed up for several 21 day challenges in the past, but never completed one.  I’d either fall off on logging meals, or miss too many days of working out.  This round, the stars aligned and now I have to write an essay to try to take home the money. I thought I’d share what helped me succeed in hopes it inspires one of you to give it a go next time around. 
 First, our family instituted ‘No Eat Out October’ at the same time as the challenge which made meal prep easy as eating out wasn’t an option.  When cooking at home, I find it easy to eat clean.  I was able to prep my food for the whole day each day which helped me feel prepared to avoid temptations at work.  It was amazing how many unhealthy items are available in the office; it would have been interesting to log each treat I passed on to understand how much I would have eaten.
Next, I varied my workouts: challenges require working out 17 of 21 days which leaves little time for recovery.  This time around I worked out 19 of the 21 days, but was sure to incorporate yoga.  This helped hit the numbers but more importantly allowed me to work out 19 days and not feel like I’d been hit by a truck.  
Lastly, doing this with a group of people was a huge help for motivation.  I didn’t pre-plan working out with anyone, but being at the gym more lead to more interaction and opportunities to share our experience and offer support.  There were other competitors who meal prepped together which I think would be fun too. 
 The last thing to share is what I learned from this challenge.  Eating clean and working out are a choice. When you have a busy life, you may need to plan ahead a little more, but it can be done. It’s amazing how much progress you can make in 21 days; I’m looking forward to the next challenge!
1.) Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes 2 Back Squat @ approx 85% 
2.) MTKO
10 rounds or 12 minutes whichever comes first
25 Double Unders
10/7 cal Assault Bike
*3.) 21-15-9
Dumbbell Clusters 50/30lb
Ring Dips
Note: dbs must touch ground every rep
*4.) 10 minute EMOM
Odd-15 GHD Sit-ups 
Even- 15 Kettle Bell Swings 2/1.5 pood 
Note: if unable to complete reps scale both down to 12 reps
*5.) With a partner
Row 5000m for time, switch every 250m


Lisa Macco542d

Way to go betsy ! Great reminders-we have a choice! Next challenge food planning sessions!!

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Kate Mantz542d

Great work Bets!!!


Brett Kohout542d

Congrats Betsy & from yesterday, Kate! Also, Grant, would you happen to have been listening to some circa 2014 pop music when ya named the WOD?

Thumb wodmother1

Theresa Rosenquist542d

💣💥👊 Betsy!!


Erin Buntin542d

Are you calling my office candy basket an unhealthy temptation?? 😉 Awesome Job Betsy!!!

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Betsy Soletski542d

Ha, perhaps that and the copy room daily donuts/bagels/bars/etc.

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Angela Cervantes542d

Awesome job Betsy❤️❤️❤️

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9+20 du’s 185bs
Ghd/kB(Russian) Emom with T 🙂
245# squat
2 cals shy of finishing
🐧 taps 130# BS easy peasy
6 rounds plus 2 calories 105# BS
215 squats
7 + 1 cal. 150# BS
Small outburst at the bike...but I called air assault customer service and the bike was at fault! Further investigation will be done.
150# BS
7 + 15 Dubs
BS 240#
8 rds (rower)
Horrific DU's. 225# BS
9+25 DUs
150# BS
7 rounds +12 dus
275# bs. Averaged 10-15 dus every 30 seconds
not sure rds..
315 no idea but lots of whip marks
11:44 - yikes DU struggle
215 BS. EMOM. Swung on the rings for a while.
9 + 5 DUs +/- one round
BS 175-195#
215# BS
7 cal on assault or 10 on Schwinn. BS 135#(1) 155# (5)
Squat 235. Ft McCoy injuries slowly healing up
11:49 (rower)
265# BS
Done. (DU attempts for 30 seconds each round)
BS @ 125#
8 + 2 cals. did Penguin hops on round 3 only. Before and after that, the rope and I got our shit together for the remaining rounds.
245# BS for 5 rounds. (dropped on round 6)
8+ 13DU with rower (15 cal)
BS 305
8 rounds +10/25 penguin, 180lb back squat
10rds - 7 cal row & 20sec handstand holds
Sunday’s row/thruster wod
At home 13:23 Rx
175# squats; emom done rx
7 + 25 dubs I think?
215# BS, GHDs/KBS extra credit
8 + 25 DU • 180# BS
Bs@ 295# and other stuff!!
Completed. 11:48.
10:15 row for cals
BS @ 345#
BS @285
Yoga with T is the 💣
150bs. 8+2cal bike
UB DUs except for one round where I tripped / HBBS - 275,280,285,290,295,300# Actual 85% should have been 323# but I am working my way back up / *4.) Complete!
BS@215. KB Swing/GHD with Jamie. Clusters/RD. WB/HSPU/Strict PU from Monday. MU work.
10:43 (penguin jumps)
175# bs Ghd/kb emom
190 BS .... with a solid fail on the last rep.
8R + 50 SU w/ HR**
**Heavy Rope. BS: #135 😃 & EMOM w/ Alyssa & Yoga.
Either ~11:30 or 9 rds + 2 Cal
215# BS
Not sure 8 or 9
285 BS
started rd 7 I think, step ups instead of DUs
BS ^145#
255# bs