Monday Nov 27 2017

CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens 8 week session begins next Monday. Classes will meet twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays for the next two months. Take a look under the programs tab for more information or just contact myself or Justin. 
Today is the first of 5 essays to help declare a winner for last months 21 Day Challenge. Kate Mantz is our first submission for your reading pleasure. I hope that over these next 5 days you are inspired by the words of these essays and just maybe it'll be enough to get you to try one of these 21 Day Challenges out. Well done on that essay Kate!

The months leading up to this 21 day challenge I was in a funk. 9/29 was my 1 year CrossFit anniversary, it also marked 5 weeks since my knee surgery, I had that, ‘I don’t give F#$! what I’m eating’ behavior and state of mind. I was making those pitty-party-type excuses, telling myself; ‘I can’t really do any of the workouts because of my knee, so why bother’. Needless to say, getting back to eating clean and getting my whiny ass to the gym was exactly what I needed.
Eating Paleo is obviously terrific, I know how to to eat clean and certainly feel great when I do. Most of all, it’s a mind game for me and I like regaining control of my sweet sugary vices. I have a “guilty pleasure” relationship with sweets, when I choose to eat that donut or cookie, I feel no pleasure, just the guilt after. Honestly, it all comes down to making it a priority to maintain my commitment to eating clean once the challenge ends. Needless to say, off challenge my diet much like the rest of me, is a constant work in progress. I definitely realize I can’t stress about a number on a scale (I really can’t because I threw my scale away) but I can stay focused on being in control of my diet, and I am SO much happier when I do. The challenge of working out 17 of 21 days with my knee post op, turned out to be remarkably empowering. Like I said before, I was a year out from starting CrossFit and for various reasons, I just wasn’t where I hoped or maybe unrealistically expected, where I thought would be. When you go from being fit in your youth, to an out of shape adult, to then finally walking into that first on ramp class, you optimistically envision the skinnier, stronger, healthier, happier person you will be a year later... You don’t foresee your pity-party self dealing with injury or slipping back to bad diet habits, but best laid plans don’t always pan out and life itself at times, has a way of getting in the way.
As the challenge went on and I got to the gym every day, I didn’t let my knee be an excuse, I kept at it, my knee got better and I did too. I realized I felt a feeling I forgot, in my own grey haired-40 year old-with scars kind of way, I felt like an athlete again. Don’t misconstrue, I am not doing the workouts Rx, not crushing PRs, I’m not competing in any comps any time soon (if ever), I was just putting in the work each day and walked out of the gym feeling stronger than I did when I walked in... and in my own way, I felt like an athlete again.
Setbacks and struggles are bound to happen but that’s when I think of why I started, and recognize that tomorrow is a new day, another opportunity be better. For me, the challenge was and is a reset button, a re-commitment to treat myself better, and make my health a priority again. The 21 Day Challenge was a realization that I am constant work in progress but to be better, I have to put in the work.

✌ Kate Mantz 
Have a great Monday!

1.) Belle
17 minute AMRAP
7 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10m Dumbbell Single Arm Overhead Lunge, R 50/30lb
7 Burpee Box Over 24/20"
10m Dumbbell Single Arm Overhead Lunge, L 50/30lb
Note: set up the boxes so you lunge from your pull-up bar to the box 10m and back
*2.) 6 rounds of Snatch Complex @ approx 90%, rest no more than 3 minutes between sets
Floor to Low Hang(directly below knee) pause 3 seconds->Floor to Hang(directly above knee) pause 3 seconds->Floor to High Hang pause 3 seconds->Floor to Extension
note: reset each pull
*3.) Muscle Up Challenge Day 24
24 Muscle Ups
note: record total sets to complete and time
*4.) 7 rounds for time
20 Wallballs
10 Strict Handstand Push-ups
5 Triple Unders
*5.) tABata
Flutter Kicks
Hollow Rock
Russian Twist
Parallette L-sit (scale with hanging l-sit/knee raise)
note: 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds each movement. 1 minute rest between each movement 
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Kate Mantz665d

🙈🙈🙈Seeing things I wish I’d edited ...oh well✌️

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Rebecca Smith665d

👊 nice job girl!

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Jamie Kemen665d

Loved reading about your diet and fitness journey, Kate! Way 2 Be!

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Theresa Rosenquist664d

Awesome Kate!!! 🤞🤞

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Angela Cervantes664d

Well said Kate...I agree with you 110%
Love the reset button!!!


Lisa Macco664d

Way to go! It was awesome seeing you so much at the gym. Inspired me to get there too!

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Kate Mantz664d

Thanks and same. Been miss you and the gym since starting my new gig. See you later this week?!!

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115 snatch complex work. Wb, strict hspu’s(w 1 mat), and du done
All the therapy :)
5+7 BBO 20# DB
Jumping C2B cuz dumb shoulder 🙄 Should've done RX weight. 95# snatch complex
5rounds plus 6 burpee box jump 60# snatch ext
145 snatch complex
6+ 2 c2b. 25# db
About 40/60 c2b and reg pu
6 + 7 C2B @ 40#
Coughing and sneezing for time 😭
4 rds + 7 bbo
30# db
5 rounds + 3 burpee Box overs
Green band pull-ups
7 + 5bbj wall balls SHSP no triple unders still working on DU.
6 rounds 185
7? - Counting is hard at 5:15
If Nate got 6+ 7 bbo, then I finished that round. Snatch Work 145 HSPUs and wallballs Start of MU progressions Note to self: Dude, make your life easier and get better at C2Bs
8 + 7bbjo and walking lunge
6? + 5 PU 35#
5+5bbo (not sure if 5 or 6 rounds)
25# DB. Lunges as far as knees allow.
Super scale!
3 + 7BBO +15 feet WL
15# DB, mix of step-overs and jumps, C2B & PU
5rds + 7bbo 30#
Sub pu for c2b
5 + 3bbo Rx
Forgot how to do c2b on the first round🤦🏼‍♀️
6+7 bbjo (pull-ups)
115# snatch ext... wallball&strict HSPU, Saturday BS 195#
6 + 7 C2B 25#
6 + 7 bbo (I think)
Chemistry Class
5 + 7 bbo rx
Snatch #75 Saturdays B.S. #150
Present + 1 R lunge😬
7+3c2b (20#)
^ 175 snatch ext
7 + 6pullups #15lbs
5 R - 7 CTB - 20 ft WL**
** ALL the C2B (😃)/#26 KB mod on L/8" BBO (jumped😃!). Sn Comp @#85.
6 rds + 5 C2B
Kept moving, 5#, ring rows