Oh Yah

Tuesday Nov 21 2017

The last 21 Day Challenge ended a few weeks ago and ended up in a 5 way tie between Angela, Brad, Becky, Betsy and Kate. Congratulations to all of you as that is quite an impressive feat that 5 of the 16 were perfect for the 21 days! Justin and I decided an essay describing their experience (good and bad) would be the tie breaker. We will give the contestants until this Friday to write a short essay, a paragraph or two describing their journey through the 21 Day Challenge and then starting Monday we will post their essays on line. From those essays we will choose a first, second and third place. I must admit and probably agree with a few of you that an essay is an interesting way to break a tie but what better way to showcase how well these 21 Day Challenges work to the rest of you and to touch up on their English and punctuation skills. I look forward to reading and finally picking a winner. The next challenge begins Friday, December 1.
Have a nice Tuesday!
1.) 10 minute EMOM 
Odd: 10 Strict Press @ approx 50% 
Even: 10 Strict Pull-ups
2.) Oh Yah
Deficit Handstand Push-ups, males 2x45lb plate, females 1x45lb plate both use gray squares for noggin pad
*3.) 1 Clean @ approx 85% EMOM for 12 minutes
*4.) 2 Split Jerk @ approx 85% from Blocks every 2 minutes for 12 minutes
note: drop each rep to blocks, reset and hit second rep
 *5.)  Suck it up
1 minute Plank
rest 30 seconds
1 minute Plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 10 seconds 
2 minute plank 
rest 10 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 30 seconds 
1 minute plank
note: don't give in to your mind telling you to quit, hold your position.
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12:20 w/push ups
95 strict press and eccentric pull ups instead of pull ups
13:56 rx. That is now a favorite of mine.
45#sp, struggle bus for pull ups
11:50 w/mods
Nose to wall until the 9s, then HSPU to mat/plate. Cleans EC @ 105#
2/9 HSPU or 2/6 HSPU ??!
Justin? Sam? Help? Lol cleans @ 175
9/9 HSPUs flat
65 SP, 50 strict pull ups
3/9 cals 1-2 ab mat Kipping hspu
40# strict press. Banded strict PU
2/9 HSPU 🚫 Deficit
SP 75#, Cleans 185#
5/9 hspu no defecit
All strict pu done no band, strict press at 55
14:56 (handstand holds)
75# strict press / grn+blk band strict pullups (wuss)
4/9 hspu
45# plate deficit only for the 27s, then on the ground. Suck it upo ex. credit. Angry shoulder
95 sp 14:21 Kip hspu
10/12 cals on the rower
HSPUs were tough, but pleased that today was a day I got better 60 lb s. press
Cleans at 275
Crossfit Generation 14:00
75DUs; 50KB; 25 Ring Dips; 5 rope climbs; and then back up
3/9 cals
1abmat (mix of strict and kip HSPU).
2/15 hspu no plates
6/6 HSPU's
Mod HSPU's 75# SP
15:41 1" deficit
Cleans at 225
3/3 cals
Bar for SP and green & black bands for PU
55lb press, sm black band. 6/9 HSPU (15LB, +2ABD MAT)
11:50 w mods
Nose to wall until 9s, 2mat hspu for remaining sets. 45# strict press, green&purple band
Regular HSPU (no deficit)
CrossFit Mohawk Valley
5 rounds 200ft farmers carry 110# each hand...10min EMOM 12cal ski, 9 sumo DL high pull 95#, 6 MU...5 rounds 200m Row, 30ft handstand walk, repeat once for full round
Recovery - 5x5 BS 175# • Plank EC
1/6 hspu no plates
95# sp pull ups w/ black band
Capped at 16/21 DHSPU’s yuck
95# strict press
15 Cal tried every scaling option
SP @95
Nose to wall 30 sec and row. 6 cal of 6. Press 40#. Green and blue band pull ups.
13 out of 15 deficit HSPUs
EMOM complete with 95# strict press. First set of pull-ups UB, then 6-4 or 6-2-2
14:40 hspu strict 1mat and #10 plate
E.C cleans #105
6 Cal RX, finished 6 HSPU after cap
EMOM Complete RX #50
4/9 HSPU | 65# SP
Started with 45# plates, dropped to 25#. Where art thou shoulders
4/6 Pushups**
**Mods: A few HSPU to test shoulder > push-ups when it got pissed. EMOM: #35/"new" purple band (thanks B,G, & J!!) & 🔥Yoga🔥
1/6 HSPU’s
18/21 HSPU (10# plate deficit)
48/50 pullups; all the SP (75#)
14:10, bike & ab mat sit ups
SP25#, & first time doing some banded pull ups in months!