Sunday Nov 19 2017

Grant is without cell reception and left the blogging to me tonight with no direction or advice to get started.   
I'm sorry, but I'm coming up with nothing so....have a fantastic Sunday!

1.) Run 1 mile
50 Dumbbell Power Snatch 75/55lb
30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 Muscle Ups
*2.) Front Squat @ approx 90% 2-2-2
*3.) 5 x 25 Wall Balls rest 30 seconds btwn rnds 

Omar CruzRivera551d

That sucks for him, I have reception. 😃

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DB PS @50#, sub 2000m row for run
35# DB & MU progressions
22:34, 30# DB, kipping PUs, MU progressions
Sub 2000m row for run, 35# db, kipping pu, MU progressions