Deer Classic 300

Friday Nov 17 2017

The greatest workout of the year goes down this morning as a pre celebration to the greatest day of the year Opening Day Gun Deer Season! The Deer Classic 300 has inspired hunters and non hunters alike to push themselves in a workout not like any other.  You are going to have ups and downs (literally); but push through and you'll be able to claim the fame and right to brag about finishing The Deer Classic 300!  
Seriously though, remember to keep your midline engaged, pick a pace and keep with it and above all keep moving.   
1.) Deer Classic 300
300 Burpees for time
*2.) 5 x 30 cal Row, rest 2 minutes after each segment
*3.) 12 reps of complex: 1 Snatch Pull to Hang->Pause 3 seconds->Snatch from hang @ approx 85%, rest as needed but remember you have 12 reps
*4.) 7 minute AMRAP
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
12 Handstand Push-ups
*5.) Tabata GHD Sit-ups
Then with no rest 
3 minute plank
note: rest sitting up on the GHD sit-ups and 3 minutes of plank and it's over so if you're resting you're cheating those abs, beach season is right around the corner 

Brett Kohout553d

Doing the math on this the difference between 30:00 & 25:00 is 1 sec per burpee: ((30*60)/300) = 6 vs ((25*60)/300) = 5

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Brittany Van Enkevort552d

Every second counts

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Krystal Lowney552d

And every second sucks.

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7min amrap 4 rds. And some extra stuff.
Rest day lol
Hspu/C2B & snatch complex
21:16 Ashley preggo burpees
Complete shit show this morning. 17 minutes worst than last year.
37:42 8:12 PR
Huge PR compared to last year and I was still beat by Becky Smith. I give up!!
Avenge me
25:43 4-5 min pr!
Thanks for bringing me in Laura and Rach! Tried doing 3 rds of 12 pull-ups 12 hspu but shoulders said nah fam. Maybe would have gone faster if we continued to listen to Enya.
You guys are nuts.
300 burpies!? #respect
24:13 RX over 2 min PR
One of my favorite WODs
Math is hard. If doing 12-13 a min, you don’t need 30 marks πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
26:51 with zach and Cruz
Cruz tells me he's never coming back to deer Camp
25:10 ... 3min PR
25 sec PR
24:06 30 sec PR
Fun time at 5:15, thanks Rach and Britt, and Sal for teaching me responsibility
Snatches 100#, pull ups and HSPU
1st attempt with 1 year aniv. here at the gym TODAY! Just turned 40 and have never felt stronger. Lots to improve on but excited for the challenge. Thanks to to the coaches and friends I've made so far with pushing me every day! You guys are the best!
All 300 burpees to a 6 inch jumping reach touching the pull-up bar with my wrists. 21:28 at home in the garage after working until 9:30 pm. Started around 10:15pm. 1:02 PR! Then 5x5 BOBBR @ 115# and 5x5 supinated BOBBR @ 115# as well.
21:26 free hugs
37:38. 5min pr.
Next year WILL be under 30:00!!
4 min PR
Much needed Rest Day
πŸš«πŸ’β›οΈ - promise! Shoilders need rehab & body needs a break! Goal tomorrow: 300 Cal row or 5k whichever comes first.
34:48 at home
It was a win since only half my arm went numb