Tuesday Nov 14 2017

CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens is beginning Monday Dec. 4 and will run through Wednesday Jan. 31. For 8 weeks classes will be held on Monday's and Wednesday with the exception of Christmas and New Years day. CrossFit Kids will begin at 4:15pm until 4:45pm. CrossFit Kids is for children from 5-11 years old and will learn movement through games and fun activities that will challenge their little body's and minds. CrossFit Teens will begin at 4:45 until 5:30pm. CrossFit Teens is for children 12-17 years old with emphasis on teaching movements through repetition and breaking down the movements the same way a teacher breaks down an equation. Kids brains are in their prime and we intend to fill those little minds with all the information to help them succeed in building a healthy body for the rest of their days on and off the athletic playing field. Contact Justin or myself to get your kids signed up! More details under the Programs tab.
Deer Hunter Classic is coming this Friday so we will be doing lots of Burpees to prepare as Clovis is also coming the following week too. Let's talk burpees for a second and discuss the what to do and the what not to do of a burpee. 
To do: on the way down lead with the hips (I've heard that somewhere before?), plant your hands on the ground, kick your feet back and under some control fall to the ground. On the way back up think of your head to your knees as one solid 4-6 foot 2 x 10 piece of lumber keeping that midline tight pushing up into a modified push-up, as you lift your knees up off the mat kick yourself up to your feet keeping them flat as to distribute your body weight equally throughout your foot, jump and clap your hands behind your noggin and repeat.
To not do: look like a baby seal at any time.
You wouldn't think it but burpees can lead to injury and it's the worst kind of injury; the 100% preventable one. Coming up off that floor with your midline totally disengaged will lead to that baby seal look as well as putting undue stress on your shoulders, elbows and lower back. As I said earlier we will be dong a lot of burpees in the coming days so if a coach corrects your burpee as mundane as you think it is fix it and save that future injury on something that at least gives you a good story like base jumping!
Have a safe and efficient Tuesday!

1.) Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes do 3 reps of complex:
Clean Pull to Hang Position->Hold 3 seconds->Clean from Floor @ approx 80%
2.) Giraffe
50 Air Squat
30 Burpee Box Over (handsies and toesies) 30/24"
40 Air Squat
20 Burpee Box Over
30 Air Squat 
10 Burpee Box Over
*3.) Deadlift 2-2-2 @ approx 90%, rest no more than 3 minutes between sets
*4.) 5 rounds
6 minute cap
9 Overhead Squat 115/85lb
5 Bar Muscle Ups
*5.) 3 rounds
15 Back Extension
15 Reverse Hyper
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Timm Uhlmann797d

So... what I gather from this is that we're going base jumping later for future WOD. Sweet.

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Troy Foley797d

The workout is named "Giraffe" yet there was a distinct lack of Giraffe Facts. 3/10, would not do again.

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Grant Soletski797d

Gracie came up with it and now she is determined to populate our gym with giraffes to prove you wrong.

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125 cleans, ohs&bmu. Didn’t realize it was a 6min cap.did all 5rds🤷‍♀️
185# clean
Not discussing the WOD errr my lack of cardio capacity
12 sh 65# cleans
165# cleans
Cleans @ 105# DL @ 195# Back extensions & reverse hyper ✅
225# sequence, 2/10 BBOs
115 Clean
185 cleans
Clean complex 165#, DL 365#
1-day ON, 1-day OFF. Hamstring rehab week.
110# cleans and DL extra credit
185# clean
Made it through all 20 bbo.
Ohs and mu
8:03. Cleans 205 now dL pr for my weight 405
Clean 265
155 clean, 265 dead, GHDs and sPUs from yesterday
28/30 air squats
145# cleans
8:00 ish
150# Cleans
95# complex
155 Cleans. That workout really made me tired.
8 something
175# cleans
Cleans 120# DL 210#
95 clean complex
Not sure about the time cap, had all squats done at 10 min. 185 cleans after first set of 2/3 at 205.
Cleans at 105# DL at 210#. PS I MISS YOU GUYS!
85# clean
21/30 squats at cap, box step overs. 85lb clean
Sore foot from road march
28/30 squats at cap
cleans 115# EC banded bar MUs
85# clean
cleans 115#, DL 240#
8:50 • 105# Clean
The box ate my knees for breakfast this morning...
185# cleans 6:15
14 min Amrap w/ ty
115# Cleans; Deadlift up to 245#
Cleans ^ 225#
Cleans @195
105 cln sequence. 9 bb overs at 10 min cap but finished
5x4 HBBS @ 270# (wanted 5x5 but my torso was coming forward during the concentric portion of the lift) / EMOM10: 10 front rack lunges @ 135# for 100 total / 20 pistols where I grabbed my front foot / 10 pistols where I did not grab my front foot / strict HSPU skill work.
165 clean. 305 DL. OHS/BMU.
12:30 woof I'm outta shape!
185# cleans
7:49 rx
125# clns
150# cleans. (Shoutout to Ashley for giving some great cues👊🏽). 265 DL.
30 min Spin & Yoga too.
135# Cleans
205# cleans
9:28, box step overs instead of BBO
Clean 65#
Switched to box jumps halfway in 165# cleans