Space Trucker

Sunday Nov 12 2017

The pull-up is a wonderful thing that sadly the majority of the population cannot do. The most frequent goal amongst newbs, male and female alike is they want to get a pull-up. With a little time and extra effort most get that pull-up sooner rather than later thrb before you know it the pull-up goal has been achieved. Congrats! Now do two, get your kip or butterfly or get that Bar Muscle Up, also a highly populated goal by the way. Pull-ups should be like running is to our legs except as the major function of our shoulders. The ability to be able pull ourselves up is engrained in our genetics or so I've determined from all my interactions with all the humans and even within myself always pining to be able to pull my big noggin up and over a pull-up bar. Seems legit. Ha. Back to my point let your inner human out and do some pull-ups your soul will thank you!

Team WOD 9:30am. Come and mess some shit up with a fellow member or 3 of CFGB! If you've never been to a team WOD come for the 8:15am class and stick around after to see just how much more fun pain is with people to share it with. 

Have a great Sunday!
1.) Space Trucker
2 rounds for time:
30 Pull-ups 
50 cal Row
Pick one Extra Credit
*2.) 3 Overhead Squat @ approx 80% every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
*3.) Cardo's Lake
20 minutes total
Plank Hold
Every time you hit the dirt you do 10 Push-ups/10 4-count Mountain Climbers
Note: plank is push up position and rest as little as possible meaning if you are going to pull an arm off the mat relieving tension from your shoulders get back to plank once the pain goes away! 
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About 13’ then OHS 50 and 55#
8:03 | ring rows instead of pull ups due to torn hand
11:40, OHS@215, team wod fun with Adam and DoJo
Rest day 2
Madison Half Marathon - 2:06
Slow and steady for the last half of the year.
1st workout since Baby Harper
75 cal buy in on air dyne then 5 Rounds of 15 cals on bike, 10 air squats, 10 push ups (on knees), 30 sec plank
12:59,then OHS to 55
14:13. 85# ohs
**20 K-PU/10 RR}×2 (still tore 😿); GBBC Wk1/d2. Mega MOBility @ WODmother's den.
9:41, then OHS at 145#