Grave Race

Saturday Nov 11 2017

Happy Veterans Day to all our brothers and sisters present and past of our United States Military! To all those rucking today for the 4th H.O.O.A.H. 5th Annual 20 mile Ruck March for Veteran Suicide Awareness keep those laces tight and shoulders back it'll all be over soon! Thanks to all Vets we appreciate you. 
Over these last 7 years our weekly community workout has brought many different faces and memories to myself and the coaches of CFGB. When I first opened back in 2010 the community workout was always met with the anxiety of wondering 'will anyone show up?'  Anticipation of me getting to yell at a bunch of people that didn't know me and the relief of class being over with no fatalities (my insurance company dislikes those) every Saturday morning.  If you just want to hang out with some of the best coaches in the State of Wisconsin and get some fitness on with a whole bunch of people that are doing the same as you make sure you make your way to CrossFit Green Bay this morning for 8:15am. 
Have a great Saturday. 
1.) In 3 minutes Front Squat 18 reps @ approx 75% 
Note: rest as often or as unoften as you wish just get 18 reps done in under 3 minutes. You should be sweaty and have done many squats for many minutes prior to the beginning of 3 minutes. 
2.) Grave Race
7 minute AMRAP
Hang to Overhead 155/105lb
Note: clean & jerk, clean & Press, snatch any style must be deadlifted all the way to the top and then lowered to Hang every time Bar is pulled from floor
*3.) 3 rounds
12 Reverse Hyper
20 Hip Extension 
10 Free Standing Handstand Push-ups 
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Db clean push press and 115 bs
8:15 Wod 2 rounds
57 push jerks
115# FS
27 @ 85#
Shoulder feeling good! 115# FS
145# FS (1:40)
185 fs.
Ground to overhead 42 reps in 7 min @ #125
Free wod. 2 rounds + 66/100 lunges. 110 front squat.
Bullet Point Faction Games!
Finished 7th out of 10 with Laura, Justin, and Brittany!
28 push jerks # 80
#95 FS
215 # FS, 85 strict/push press @95#
38 @ 135#, 205# fs
Muuuuuch needed rest day
1/2 mile; 50m intervals/20-30" rest.