Wednesday Nov 8 2017

Snatching is something members either love or hate. I love when they love it but when I hear the opposite reaction I'm inclined to ask why would you say such a thing. Most of the time is because they think they suck at it and honestly if your overhead position isn't the best or you just can't figure out exactly what is happening to make that bar appear magically over your noggin they have a valid point. 
So let's talk overhead position, without constant mobility work it's going to be a frustrating journey and I can verify the truth to that as I just don't do it myself leading to my not so pretty snatch. Practice from just everyday CrossFit class has made me better at areas that mobility wise don't restrain me but clearly from my lackluster snatch records being good at a few things doesn't lead down the same road as being good at everything. Point being through repetition you will get better but repetition with the details down to a science will take a little more effort and time but will gain far superior results.
The benefit of CFGB posting the WOD's every night prior @ approx 8pm (+/- 3 minutes minus 3 late posts since Jan 1, thank you Steve and Krystal) is that you know what you need to prepare for including prehab work i.e. PVC work, banded shoulder work, whatever you need to do. Which means on those days that you know you need prehab work come in 10 minutes early to prepare instead of just hanging out looking lost. We have all the tools, you just gotta use them.
Now as far as knowing the magic behind the mysterious barbell floating gracefully over your head, you need to stand in the front row from now on on snatch days
Have a great Wednesday!

 Side note, I am still missing one large blue supernova and one small blue supernova, two blue balls. Ha. Seriously though I want them back.
1.) Every 2 minutes for 3 rounds 3 position Snatch (HH,H,F) @ approx 75%
2.) Avalanche 
14 minute cap
1000m Row
15 Burpee Box Over 24/20"
750m Row
15 Burpee Box Over 24/20"
500m Row
15 Burpee Box Over 24/20"
250m Row
15 Burpee Box Over 24/20"
*3.) Back Squat @ approx 90% 2-2-2 rest 3 minutes between each set
*4.) 100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups 
*5.) 4 minute AMRAP
3 Clean 185/125lb
6 Handstand Push-ups 

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Theresa Rosenquist620d

^^^And missing 2 stick style rollers.

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Yvonne Otero620d

If I read the WODs ahead of time, I probably wouldn't show up 90% of the time....

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500m row + 15 BBO
Snatch 135#
500m + 2 bbo
105# snatch
Attempted to finish after but vertigo set in so I finished 500m and 15 BBO Snatches @80#
750+12 no 35# snatch
112/250 meters
Nice steady flow today. 115# snatches
85# snatch. 50/50 Pu/su
500m + 3 BBO
125# Snatches
Day 2 of rehab
Hoping for a Thursday return, but looking like it may not be until next week. #hammytime
500+2, Sn@185, Sq@365
176/250 meters ec bs to 225 3 pos snatch 155
Finished the rnd of 500 burped box jumps
Snatches 105, squat 205, sit-up and push-ups, some hspu work
250 + 8 burpees
500m + 2 BBO
105 - 115# snatch
500m + 6 BBO
snatch @ 95#
500m row + 2 BBO
55# snatch
Plus an extra 7 non burpee BJO in the first round, oops. SN: 155(1) 160(2). EC: 4 AMRAP (4+1 clean)
500 mtr row + 15/15 BBO
115# Snatch complex. Clean & hspu. 100 push-ups and 100 GHD's
Light snatches, 55# Weenuses were on point.
500m + 4 BBO
155 snatch
456 out of 500m row. 75lb snatches
233/500 m
125# 3 pos snatch
500m + 8BBO
step-ups (overs?), 75# SN, 6 muscle-ups
Finished in 20:07 (at home)
500m + 15 BBO
Snatch 85#
500m + 15/15 BBO
Snatches 95#, BS 220# felt real good, 100 sit ups 100 push ups
Finished 500m • 75# Snatch
8 burpees after 500m row
finished after the cap. Snatch 85#, Clean 85# & HSPU (2 ab mats) AMRAP with Terri! 3 rounds. BS 165#
31m of 250
Snatch@ 135# BS @295 hit a PR BS@345#
4/15 BOB (after 250 row)
Snatch @ 155#
500m + 14 BBO
SN @ 155 failed twice from the floor
330 of 500 row. Finished in approx. 21 minutes. Snatch complex 67# then 70#
10 out of 15 BBO after the 250 meter row. 5 reps short of finishing :( Finished after time expired.
3 position snatch @ 155# felt good / 17 alternating-arm clusters with (1) 70# dumbbell in preparation for the Bullet Point Faction Games this Saturday. Also in preparation, 17 UB hang power cleans @ 95# with the axle bar.
250 + 4 burpees
Snatch 115. Clean/HSPU. 100 GHD/100 push-ups.
1000,15BBO, 750, 15BBO
90# snatches, 2rds of the cleans and hspu. Headache/fuzzy head got to me today. 3-3-3-3 sets of 2 BS 175#, 100PU, 100SU at home
Training bar for snatches, step ups instead of burpees....MAF...almost finished 2nd round
15/250 m row
65# sn
Last round of burpees 8/15 and no box. Home WOD
50/250 meters
105 snatch. Yesterday's SJ 145. 195 BS. Cleans/HSPU 4 + 2 cleans
14/15 Burpees after 500M row
100# Snatch
16" BBSO & Snatches @ #45 (my knee has been ugly lately). EC: Suck it up from 11/7 (7 min of plank😿) & Yoga.
500m + 8 BBO
3- pos snatch @ 105#
135# snatches
biked instead of row, got into my third bike
Snatch 35#