Sunday Nov 5 2017

Talking with my pretty wife tonight she was telling me how she was yelling at a few of you for never posting your daily results on the website and now I have something to blog about  Thanks Bets!  I occasionally mention that I don't see your names on the board ever followed by why I think you should post. For one it gives you a chance to keep track of your progress and that is followed by I keep track in my notebook, the usual response from non posters. So then I have to tell them the real reason I have an online whiteboard so I can keep track of all of my members and see if my programming is or isn't working. I only coach so many classes a week and I usually see the same cast of characters and I can see their progress but there are many of you that I don't get to see daily so if you don't see your daily records on line I don't have any idea how your workouts go. The data that I get from your workouts helps me program, concentrating on improving our weaknesses. The word 'our' is the key word here and if I don't see you in person while coaching and I don't see your scores on line 'our' weaknesses won't include yours. Post your scores to see your progress and to help me make you stronger, faster and gymnastier. Seriously, do it I even gave two modified versions today so you can't use the excuse "I can't do Muscle Ups so I'm just going to stay home" today. Get in and show me your work on that whiteboard.
Team workout at 9:15am today with Derek,  be there or be square!
Have a great Sunday
1.) 4 Front Squat EMOM for 6 minutes @ approx 65%
2.) Gumby
11 minute Cap
Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups males use 2-45lb plates / females use 1-45lb plate
Strict Muscle Ups
Deficit Handstand Push-ups males use 2-45lb plates / females use 1-45lb plate
Muscle Ups

Scaled version
Handstand Hold (1min-45 sec-30 sec-30 sec-20 sec)
Burpee Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Handstand Push-ups
Burpee Pull-ups

Hanging on a bar (1min-45 sec-30 sec-30 sec-20 sec)
Wall Walks
Burpee to "6 reach
3 second Up 3 second down Hand release Push-ups 

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FS 185#
12:43 scaled, FS 70#
HS holds, burpee c2b, hspu w/ ab mat/10# plate, burpee pu
FS 185# | 10:53
Strict hspu & hspu off 15# plate and two ab mats | strict MU Progression | MUs done Rx
Team wod w/ Ashley, Nasto, and Tina
First wod 3+19 burpees, second wod 5:31. That was fun!
145# front squat
I have no idea what happened after that.
11:18; 100# FS
No deficit w/ HSPU, low ring MU work
Scaled strict hspu 45lb plate abmat, 1 chest to ring then a kipping mu fs 195
11:05 scaled. FS @ 95#.
Couldn’t quite hold the handstand holds for the full amount of time so i finished faster than i should have. HSPU from box.
Most confusing wod ever?!
I was there, did regular HSPU and some strict with a plate and mat. Also burpee C2B and burpee PU. FS Emom @ 100#
Finished (after cap)
AB Mat Strict and reg HSPU, Scaled Ring MU, 95# FS
Scaled. Hspu 15# plate. 15:35
Studied for Chemistry Midterm Exam #2
Team WOD with DoJo. I’ve completed the johnson partner circuit.
R(babdo)est day
**Mods for EVERYthing = Skill work. 15 min KB AMRAP: SA S/Sn/P/Sq ladder (5 rounds). PEC: 3×{20 GH-HE/15 slo-mo GHSU/20 SL #BSU.