Saturday Nov 4 2017

Another Saturday another free community workout at 8:15am. Alyssa and the WODMother will be on hand this morning to assist you in starting your Saturday the right way, the CFGB way!
Have a great Saturday!
1.) Desire
3 person team in waterfall style. Teammate 1 starts Thrusters and upon completion of 21 reps teammate 1 moves to pull-ups and teammate 2 starts thrusters continuing down the line. Third teammate must be done with thrusters prior to second round beginning and Power Snatch must be done prior to strict Press beginning. 
21 - 15 - 9
Thrusters 115/85lb
Assault Bike
15 - 12 - 9
Power Snatch 115/85lb
Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Strict Press 115/85lb
Bar Muscle Ups
Triple Unders
note: scale the triple unders with 3:1 double unders or 5:1 single unders
*2.) 10 minute EMOM
10 Push-ups 
10 Sit-ups 
Note: both are done each minute

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Free WOD + 9:15 w/ dad and Steve
12 SP @cap 65#/ring rows/parallel ring rows-ish
With Kate and Shannon 👊🏼
Free wod with Tom
Capped at 10 MU finished after the cap. Pete is dead
Time cap 6/12 S. Press.
Thanks Chad and Ryan for putting up with me :) Worked on bar MU w/band after class
Free wod with kara
75 cal assault bike
Free class w/ Mike
BS: 4x3 @300# from yesterday.
Teamed w/ Shannon and Angel. Thru 12 strict presses at cap. Finished after w/o DUs
Super spicy wowza🌶🌶🌶
Alyssa and Jess💪🏼
Made through 15-12-9 with Terri and Sabrina! Finished 12-9-6 after. BS 155#. Also got 15 DU in a row on 1st try! Riding high after a bad few days of DU last wk!
Done with Michelle and Sal to push press.
Complete with Laura and Fonti: 8/12 strict press @ 20:00 time cap. Finished WOD after time expired.
Got 5 UB triple-unders. Not a PR, but still felt good.
Free WOD & 9:15
Free WOD w/ Johnson. 915 w/ Paula and Michelle thru push presses.