Monday Oct 30 2017

Today while you're on the bike, rowing or sprinting around the building push yourself to uncomfortable. Maybe even pick a partner and even though you may fall behind on one of the movements you may be able to catch up or pass them on another. Make it nasty.
Happy Monday!
1.) Scarecrow
10 rounds
15 cal Assault Bike
rest 30 sec
15 cal Row
rest 30 sec
100m Sprint (door to door)
rest 30 sec
note: each movement is all out 
*2.) Front Squat @ approx 80% 3-3-3-3-3, rest no more than 3 minutes between sets
*3.) 5 rounds of Snatch Complex @ approx 70%
Snatch Pull to Low Hang, pause 3 seconds, Snatch -> Snatch Pull to Hang, pause 3 seconds, Snatch -> Snatch Pull to High Hang, pause 3 seconds, Snatch -> Snatch
note: reset after each snatch 
*4.) Muscle Up Challenge Day 21
21 Muscle Ups
*5.) 5 rounds
25 Abmat Sit-ups
25 Double Unders
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FS 115#. SU/DU ✅
85# snatch complex. Su&du done
A long fricken time
15 rounds instead for no running, accessory work, band and shoulder mobility
45:48 ☠️
It was all downhill after round #5... Yikes
FS 205#
FS extra credit & shoulder PT
36:30? Whatever it was it was one second faster than Lauren. FS ec up to 235
FS @ 265
Some airdynes mixed in there
53:51 👻
100 wall ball ab mat SUs
15rds (bike/row - no run)
Snatches 85#, FS 160#, dubs and sit ups, handstand walking
Rest should be labeled transition time :) , FS 105 x 2 115 x 3, Snatch complex and snatch work, mobility. Thanks for the help w snatch Grant!
FS @235
I'm really starting to feel like I did something really wrong 😂🤔 145# FS. I was going to snatch... but then I didn't 🙃
💀💀💀! **100 SU w/ heavy rope v. run & 15 Cals on AD. Legs & Back at Bob's. (HSLLP:#123/173/217/291}×8-10
Front squats @ 245#
I kept biking and rowing..