Big Mug

Sunday Oct 29 2017

From our Team WOD master mind Christian:

Team WOD tomorrow at high noon!  
Team should be three people. Gender makeup doesn’t matter for this one. 
First we’ll bring Sally up, then we’ll do some snatches and finally a little WOD with C2B’s, DU’s and OHS. 

See you there!

Have a great Sunday!
1.) Every 30 seconds for 4:30, 2 Back Squat @ approx 75%
2.) Big Mug
3 rounds for time
23 Toes to Bar
750m Row
11 Hang Power Snatch 115/85lb
*3.) 10 rounds 
2 minutes
200m Run 
Max Effort Burpees
1 minute rest 
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Angel Anderson841d

That rep scheme hurts my OCD 😬😱

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19:15 @ 75#
215# bs
Saturday’s amrap
7 rounds to with su, plus 30wb for a quick burn
18:20 Toes to rig
Travel for time
20:08 @ 95#. mix of t2b and k2e
205# BS
2 mile run
Happy Sunday!
Kip swings BUT at end got 1 toes to Bär! Whoop whoop!!! 65# Snatch, 145# BS
BS @ 255
Cleaned the garage.
And carved a pumpkin!
165 BS. Team WOD