Mall Walker

Monday Oct 23 2017

I got the chance to head down to Waukesha Sunday morning to go and watch Tori and Paul lift in the final sessions of the 2017 Wisconsin Open. Charlie even let me warm up Pauly "I think I'm breaking a sweat here" Mantz and I got to do a little coaching from the crowd. I really enjoyed the day and to top it off Paul took home the Gold and Tori took the Silver (by 1k). Charlie thanks for coming down there today, hope I was of some help. It was very cool to know that we had 3 brand new members repping Green Bay Barbell: Pratik, Tori and Vong(well newish as they've been with us now for a while)  and 2 of our CFGB athletes: Paula and Paul making their first appearance on the competition platform for GBB. Very proud of all of the lifters this weekend. Ty, Jordan and Charlie keep up that good work fella's!
Have a great Monday!

1.) Mall Walker
30 Pull-ups
30 Power Clean & Jerk 155/105lb
30 cal Assault Bike
2.) Tabata Hip Extension, 20 seconds Max Effort Hip Extension followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds
note: rest in hip closed position
*3.) Back Squat 6-6-6-6 @ approx 65% rest no more than 3 min between sets
*4.) EMOM for 7 minutes 3 Position Snatch (HH,H,FL) @ approx 65%
*5.) 10 rounds of 2 min work 1 min rest
300m Row
Max Effort Push Press 115/85lb

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Kate Mantz847d

Way to represent all you CFGB/ GBBarbell, athletes and coaches!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ€œπŸ€›

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Brittany Nohr847d

Great job everyone!

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12:02 85#
Tabata 10s. 105# BS. 65# Snatch
Tabata & 145 BS
10:29 85# ring rows
Hip extension tabata
11:50 I think 65#
My bike's screen decided to take a nap for the first half.. switched bikes when one opened up
10:16. 75# PC
πŸ’” crushing bike experience Tabata 10 - wowza that hurt at the end
10:30 #115 Green Band, 100 seconds on bike. No Cals display on bike
Just happy I managed rx on this one so #win
First time pulling from the floor in a month πŸ™ŒπŸ»
6:54 85# (no jerk)
Got my first butterfly pull ups!
9:45 135# airdyne
85# (on airdyne for 3:30-it never turned on). Biked until cap for good measure. Hip extension tabata =10
9:47 135 12 hip ext
Ring rows/kbs for pull-ups. 20 min EMOM @95lb 12 avg. /some wb/row/Burpees over 27-21-15-9 Beat up! WWE must be in town
11:03 @ 135# and row
12:40, 75#
15 ring rows, 15 KBS
10:27 (8:47 w/15 cal row)
135 wu G 45 cal row Sunday’s DL to 365 which exploded my hip in May so I’m back!
9:55 at 135#
Band/ 45#/ 15 bike, 15 row
I had a real hard time counting my C&Js. Did anywhere from 28-32 of themπŸ™„
Tabata 10s, BS 165#, snatches 80#
11:11 85# C&J
That bike tho.. 😑
7:55 at 95#
wrist slightly off still
*3) @225; *4) @125
12:31 65# c&j, operator trouble with airdyne.
Mall walker complete on 10/25/17 in 9:16.
8:59 (105# dl, hpc) box hspu vs jerk
Wasted time trying to get a bike to work πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Squat and snatch EC
**#70 PCl&Jk. T-GH-HE: 10 (13Γ—3).
Forgot my time shwups
9:01, 35#, ring rows