Mr. Lahey

Tuesday Oct 17 2017

Pain builds muscles. Not the injured kind of pain but the it hurts my soul so bad kind of pain. The kind of pain that you can stop just by stopping yourself but it also stops building muscles when you set the bar down or don't do something harder because of said pain. Build more muscles, accept more pain. That brain needs to be tough too!
Hello Tuesday.
1.) Mr. Lahey
Start Each 800m Run with 50 Walking Lunge then finish remainder of 800m running
5 rounds
In 800m distance:
50 Walking Lunge 
Run remainder of 800m
note: only run to the 400m turnaround, don't cross the road to the 800m turn around,  it's darker out longer going in to winter and death isn't worth it. If it's light out you can cross but be vigilant
*2.) Overhead Squat 6-6-6 @ approx 75%, rest no more than 3 minutes
*3.) 3 position Clean (HH,H,F) + 1 Jerk @ approx 65% EMOM for 7 minutes
*4.) 15 minutes
12 Back Extension 
15 Bent Over Dumbbell Row, 50/35lb
50m Dumbbell Overhead Walk 50/35lb
Note: walk around the pillars
*5.) 100 4-count flutter kicks 
note: if you feel it in your legs you are not right. concentrate on trying to keep that lower lumbar tight to the floor while fluttering away


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I am the Liquor!

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26 I beat Grant
6.8 mile assault bike. Bmu work
25:33 and some scribing
Done at home, loops were .6 mi per Strava.
Did I mention I did yoga this morning?
3 rounds in and my left calf screamed at me. Spent remainder of the time rolling it out
should've done yoga.
175# for the Clean Complex *3
Finished smolov jr. bench with 10x3 @195
Somehow I managed to do this WOD & by a miracle I survived!! Thanks Ashely & Jennie
33:25 big running guy
RIP Mr.'ll be watching us like a shit hawk.
+3 muscle ups
27.11 6 rounds (box step up’s, air assault 10cals /round)
100 ab mat wall ball sit ups
Around my ‘hood with my garmin.😜
Cleans 95#
85# OHS
ec: 3 position Clean (HH,H,F) + 1 Jerk - 115,135 --- then 3 rounds: 12 Back Extension 15 Bent Over Dumbbell Row, 40lbs
Integration Crossfit
3x3 FS 115# 10 rds - 1 Snatch 85#, 3 pull ups, 15 wallballs 14#
Namaste. Thanks T!!!
**1 mi 🐴.Bike -> tABata from Sunday
CrossFit Zapata
6RFT: 10 T2B, 10 push-ups, 60 DU — 17:52
Lunges ouch