Sunday Oct 15 2017

Wow what a busy Saturday!  The first thing Grant always asks  when he's out of town, after checking on our welfare of course, is how busy was the gym?   It was great to report there were 30 members there for the 9:15 class. Kudos to Justin and Ashley for orchestrating it all to run smoothly and to all our members for working together!  It was awesome!  

Team WOD is at 5:15pm so save some energy when you are cheering for the Packers so you have some left in the tank for a friendly team competition.  

Happy Sunday!
1.) Qual
5 rounds 
35 Double Unders
6 Front Squat 225/155lb, pull from floor
20m Handstand Walk
Note: scale Handstand walk with one minute Handstand hold 
*2.) tABata
Flutter Kicks
Russian Twists
Hollow Rocks
Parallette L-sits (scale with hanging l-sit or knee ups)

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14:20 holds & 85#
When left to my own I tend to go too light 😬 Grace 12:58 singles 15# bar & forward rolls (bum arm) 👊💪
Bench 85# for front squat. Hs walk 10m instead of 20. Team wod
105# FS (75%)
18:30 @ 185 with HS holds
Arrived and survived.
10 cal bike/85# fs/1 min hs hold
21:54 @ 205; 10m HS walks
School and organizing new dwelling place.
19:42 110#fs/60s hsh
Hsh unbroken/all du
Handstand walks fell apart as time went on...I tried to tag Bryn in, but she ignored me :)