Friday Oct 13 2017

I want to wish a farewell to a good friend of mine as well as a friend of many others at CFGB Mr. Jim Tschampl. I met Jim almost 6 years ago to the day when he walked into our first location for the free community WOD and I had to inform him that we were having a competition, The HollowWOD. Sadly we were not having the community workout that day but I somehow managed to talk him into teaming up with Larry Loomis. most start their first day at CFGB with On Ramp but not Jim he went right in to battle! I'm not sure if that's exactly to the T how it went down but it was pretty close:) Over the next 6 years Jim and I have had many lively conversations, learning experiences and battles between the two of us on the gym floor and I'm thinking we were probably 50/50 on workouts. For a while we would try to meet on Fridays to throw down against each other for bragging rights the following days. I can't thank you Jim enough for all you have done for myself and this little community you helped create, I will never forget you. I know we will still get to see Jim here and there when he's in town for a Packer game or to check up on his business that I've watched him grow over the years. But knowing that he's miles away is a pretty tough pill to swallow. I wish you and Lisa the best as you begin a new life together in Boise, love you brother. 
Have a great Friday!
1.) Rowin
5 rounds with 3 minute rest between each set
Row 1000m
Note: goal is consistency
*2.) Muscle Up Challenge Day 18
18 Muscle Ups
*3.) with a partner, alternating every 3 reps
Power Clean & Jerk 205/145lb
Burpees Box Over 30/24"
Note: partners must tag every rotation
*4.) 5 rounds
20m Overhead Walk 115/85lb
5 Overhead Squats 115/85lb
20m Front Rack Walk 115/85lb
5 Front Squat 115/85lb
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Sal Bertuglia857d

😭 best of luck, Scampi. You’ll be missed.

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Brittany Nohr857d

Wish you the best of luck my hs walking swolemate 😭💪🏼

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Theresa Rosenquist857d

Love you Jim!! You will be missed! Stay well! Be happy!! Wishing you ALL the best. 🤗

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Jason Nobles857d

Loved competing with you Jim! Best of luck!!!

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Jim Tschampl857d

Likewise my friend! Please keep erasing my state olimpic lifting records. I'll see what I can do out here in Idaho!


Brian Hartinger857d

Hey Jim it's Brian. My favorite crossfit memory of all time was competing with you in the 2014 Granite Games. What a weekend. I miss you all ready my friend

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Jim Tschampl857d

I will NEVER forget that weekend! Your encouragement helped me get there in the first place. It's been an honor working out with you and I plan to go head to head with you again at the Ice Bowl in February!

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Andy Glawe857d

Jim, thank you for your constant positivity. Best of luck your next lifes adventure.

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Jim Tschampl857d

Thank you Grant! Thank you CFGB! And by CFGB I mean all the beautiful people that I've met here and worked out with over the last six years. I was away from home and you became my family. I am truly grateful. You will be missed!


Shawn Robinson856d

Jim, all the best to you on your new journey! Many blessings! Peace and love

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Angel Anderson856d

ALL the best, Jim! Thank you for always cheering me on and encouraging me! Granite Games wouldn't have been the same without you this year! Don't be a stranger!

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Ec#4 done
4:30, 4:30, 4:29, 4:30, 4:30
Grace rowed 500m 4:34/4:20/3:53/3:45/4:26 nice work grace 💪👊👏
4:20, 4:21, 4:20, 4:25, 4:30
3:52.2 | 3:51.5 | 3:51.9 | 3:51.8 | 3:52.1
5000m total 18:51.5
4:03, 4:04, 4:03, 4:04, 4:01
Mind bender complete.
3:38.5 3:38.9 3:37.5 3:37.0 3:38.2
3:47 3:38 3:39 3:41 3:35 partner ext 21 15 9 185 with Dana
4:44.5 4:44.1 4:44.7 4:44.5 4:44.4
Partner WOD w/Shannon 21-15-9 PC&J @95#, burpee box over
3:41.4, 3:40.6, 3:39.3, 3:39.6, 3:39.0
3:46.1 / 3:46.5 / 3:49.5 / 3:48.8 / 3:47.5
Watching Days at Xperience Fitness 🤘🏼
4:05.2, 4:03.9, 4:03.4, 4:02.1, 4:00..8
4:09, 4:03, 4:01, 4:03, 3:59
5 muscle ups after the WOD
1) 5:02.7 2) 4:57.5 3) 5:01.1 4) 5:15.6 5) 5:01.0
Was so dreading as I row like a 🐌 but Thx for humoring /playing my Hamilton requests DJ JT 🤜🤛
Faded pretty quick. Womp womp🙃
3:41, 3:42, 3:41, 3:39, 3:40 felt like a Ooopma Loompa rowing down the chocolate river
3:24 / 3:28 / 3:28 / 3:28 / 3:27
4:06, 4:07, 4:05, 4:04, 4:04
4:00, 3:55, 4:07, 4:10, 4:05
5rds of 115 OH front rack thingy
Packing preparation / Cleaned duplex
3:40, 3:46, 3:48, 3:52, 3:53
OH/FR EC. 21-15-9 AB/PS & AB/WB.
3:46, 3:45, 343.5, 3:41.8, 334.3
Lurong Challenge WOD #4
10-8-6-4-2 DL#145 alt w/ 20-40-60+80-100 DU: 6:57. & Yoga.
Left too much in the tank.