Sunday Oct 8 2017

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to clear up a little misconception that may have occurred from the other day's post about Green Bay Barbell. I love Green Bay Barbell, I love my president of Green Bay Barbell, I love my coaches of Green Bay Barbell and most of all I love every member of Green Bay Barbell. Now that we have that cleared up I would like to explain the change of name of the coached time from Green Bay Barbell to Weightlifting. As I stated prior I do not want separation of this gym.  No matter what it is you are doing from straight up weightlifting, power lifting or CrossFit, my mission as founder and owner of this place is to create an environment that makes everyone feel part of the family regardless of your choice of sport.  We are a small community but we can make a large impact.  So, weightlifting is just the name of the time that we have coached lifting because that is what you are doing.  Other classes will follow suit; CrossFit, Yoga, etc.  Green Bay Barbell Club has made great strides in the last year to shake out what wasn't working and embrace what was thanks to Ty, Jordan, Charlie, Derek and Sal. This group of coaches have created a pretty awesome environment to become a better weightlifter and help prepare those athletes that specifically want to get up on the Olympic Lifting platform and compete. CrossFit Green Bay and Green Bay Barbell are the labels that we wear in competition but when we are training we can put aside those labels and just concentrate on what's important; making ourselves better.
21 Day Challenge begins Monday. Cost will be $30 and will be 92% Paleo with the exception of white rice and any dairy that is full fat. Grains, sugar, alcohol are still no no's. Same goes for the training, participants must be at CFGB 17 of the 21 days as well as keeping a full journal of their food and training. Food journal forms will be provided to all via email on Monday evening after sign up is complete. Yoga, pilates, weightlifting, skill work and mobility all count towards the 17 days you just need to do it at CFGB. A reminder that that there are exceptions to the 17 of the 21 days rule if you are absolutely unable to make it to the gym due to being out of town or whatever your excuse is, you just need to get it approved by myself or Justin. The sign up board will be at the front table today and Monday. Please put your name, email address and phone number on the board legibly and place your $30 dollars in and envelope. Top 2 in the competition will receive payout!
Team WOD is going down today at 11:30am. Want to make the regional team someday? Here's your weekly opportunity to work with other members to hone your transition and communication skills!
Finally congrats to all that competed in the Gauntlet today at CrossFit De Pere! Becky and Buntin taking home first place (yup you heard me first place!) Rachael and Antonia taking second and Amy Zynda and our good pal Skully taking 3rd as well as Brittany and Lauren coming in just shy of the podium. It was awesome to watch you all do what you do and was even cooler to see everyone from the gym all together hanging out with one another cheering our athletes on and enjoying each others company. It was family at it's finest today and we even got to witness Derek and Zeamer compete in a cupcake challenge. Don't get no better than that:)
Have a great Sunday!
1.) Trips
Row 2000m for time
rest 10 minutes 
Establish a session 1RM Snatch (15 minutes)
rest 5 minutes
100 Burpees to 12" reach for time
note: during the rest between the row and snatch work up to no greater than 50% of current 1rm snatch. 

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Rebecca Smith862d

Soooo fun!

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Theresa Rosenquist862d

check this out if you are coming in this morning! Concept 2 rowing pace chart. It will help you plan out your 2k row!

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Ty Krueger862d

🙏 thank you Grant! Green Bay S&C 4 life!


Shawn Robinson862d

Awesome WOD.... have to do this another day

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8:58 row. Deadlifts for snatches no pr just movement. No burpees 50 air squats and 50 ghds 4:20
7:35 row | 155# snatch (pr) | 11:01 burpees
7:22 2.7 mile bike, 130 high hang power snatch, 100 cal bike done
8:25 row/ snatch to 120# .. so so close to 130#
Burpees in 9:05
Miss 235.
75# snatch 9:51 burpees
7:40 Row/105# Snatch
Still learning to snatch correctly... frustrating. Long ways to go before a 1RM. Slow and steady progress.
Team WOD with Fonti, and Brian complete in 49:08
"It's Good to be Old" 1,988 reps of KBS, box jumps, pull-ups, squats, HSPUs, burpees, cal row, wallballs, Assault cals, push-ups, DUs. / Pre-WOD - 15 OHS @ 95#, 15 Front squats @ 135#, 15 HBBS @ 185# by each team member. Barbell cannot touch the ground.
3 mi walk & 2k Row
3mi: 51:51; 2k: 8:59.9