Friday Oct 6 2017

Hello everyone! 
I had a friendly conversation with a long-time member and in my eyes a very good friend of mine that was alerting me of concerns they had about CFGB. Anyways, long story short this person let me know their feelings on a few things at the gym and I figure I’d share with you a few key points. 
Firstly, the new format of the programming i.e.concentrating on the workout and not 2 to 3 additional items. I personally have grown tired of the constant string of injuries these last couple years and
decided it was time to make a change. Now, just because we only do one thing does not mean that we are not working on skill work, in fact it should be quite the opposite. Depending on the movements of the workout the coach(es) now has/have plenty of time to sufficiently warm you up as well as enough time to work with everyone in class on the details of the days’ movements. For instance, if we are doing tri pod to headstand the coach should be going over with the entire class the position of your hands, how the movement flows and a safe alternative (also taught) if needed. Our coaches are there to be engaged with you from the time class begins until class ends.
Next up the specialty classes costing actual money, shock, gasp, shock. This gym has remained at $150 since day one (which was 7+ years ago) for unlimited CrossFit. We hold classes almost hourly and the hours we don’t have class we have open gym and if you came to the gym every day it would come out to roughly $5 a day. For years we have given away Yoga with T. People ask
her to teach Yoga and we make it happen and no one shows up but guess what T still needs to get paid so after a while it’s like ok we will offer these classes at a very reasonable rate and set hours. T has been teaching yoga for longer than some of you have been out of diapers and the classes are small where she gives you more personal attention than any yoga studio I know of but none of that matters if it’s not free. Just a note if you added the $75 a month for the specialty classes and you only did yoga it would less than $6.25 a class. You can’t beat her experience, knowledge or care but for some reason that’s not good enough to pay for.
Weightlifting class is still Green Bay Barbell but called weightlifting because the one thing I disliked about the way GBB came in to existence was the fact that it felt like separate entity and there was an attitude between the people who did CrossFit and those who did barbell. I just want you to work out and keep your judgements about what other people are doing to yourself. We have a fully programmed barbell program that meets 8 times per week and the class is meant to make you a better weightlifter faster, simple as that. In CrossFit classes you will get better but there are over some 1000 different movements and our mission statement it to be ‘Good at Everything,’ so you will not be getting a little of everything each week because we only have an hour a class. Extra credit is always on the board and is open to everyone (that’s free by the way) but if you want specialty coaching it is going to cost money as with any other gym or athletic program.
I take it personal when I hear that we are nickel and diming our customers and want you to know that it costs money to run this place, a lot of it. I don’t do this to get rich but I feel like those that do this to get rich get treated better from customers because it is known that you are going to pay for everything, truly nickel and diming. If you do though feel I am greedy and filling my pockets with your hard-earned cash so I can buy myself a new beamer and brand-new lulu lemon I will not be mad or hate you if you choose to spend your hard-earned money elsewhere. I will still give you a hug every time I see you and take a few minutes to catch up with you.
In closing, coaches will be coaching from the time class begins until the time class ends and if that does not happen please let us know. People ask about the suggestion box and I always respond that I’m right here, but I guess I must accept the fact that sometimes I’m not the easiest to talk to. So please feel free to put any suggestions, complaints or compliments in the CFGB money bin by the Kill Cliff. They can be anonymous or have your name on it, either way all correspondence about this gym is appreciated even if I get a little grumpy about it I do appreciate you caring enough to tell what you’re feeling.
Sorry for the long ass post but I just wanted you all to know where I stand on the state of CFGB and to remind you that I love you all. 
Have a great Friday!

1.) Emily
10 rounds for time of:
30 double-unders
15 pull-ups
30 squats
100-m sprint
Rest 2 minutes
note: be wise with your pull-ups, if you have not been doing the regular workouts on the daily alternate jumping and regular pull-ups every other round
Second Lt. Emily Jazmin Tatum Perez, 23, was killed Sept. 12, 2006, when her Humvee was struck by an improvised explosive device as she was leading a convoy through Al Kifl, Iraq. She served in the 204th Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army.
Perez graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 2005. She was an exemplary student and became the highest-ranking African-American female cadet in the history of West Point. An exceptional athlete, Perez was a sprinter on the track team (200 m) and competed in the triple jump. She also excelled at gymnastics and squats. Her favorite movements included sprinting, double-unders, pull-ups, squats and power cleans.
Perez earned numerous awards for her military service, including the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, and the Combat Action Badge. She was also posthumously awarded the NCAA Award of Valor in 2008.
*2.) Muscle Up Challenge Day 11
11 Muscle Ups
*3.) Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1
note: add load each round starting @ approx 80% working up to approx 90%
*4.)  tABata
Flutter Kicks
Hollow Rock
Russian Twist
Parallette L-sit (scale with hanging l-sit/knee raise)
note: 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds each movement. 

Hero emily
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Ty Krueger864d

Love the new class format coach. Allows for more skill development, proper warm up and cool down. 👏

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Andy Glawe864d

I’ll admit I do miss a little of the skill work, but what I don’t miss are the little nagging injuries & aches/pains I used to have all the time. I’m my opinion it’s a direct result of this new format. So thank you. If I want specific skill work I do extra credit. In terms of the “nickel & diming” that’s not at all what it is. If you go to any other gym you will pay for specialty classes & generally get someone off the street that’s teaching for a free membership & doesn’t give a shit about you. We all need to remember this is a business & to run a business you need revenue. Thank you CFGB for creating a positive community & exceptional coaching.

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Troy Foley864d

Coming (back) from a gym where every single day tried to beat you down with every workout every day, I appreciate the 5-minute workout days. I’ve found that I can workout more often and feel like I’m still able to recover properly. More isn’t always more.

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Jennifer McFall864d

Greatly said Grant. I do miss the strength portion only because I am good at it but I do like the new way and interaction. This gym gas truly helped me over the lasdt year😁

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Kate Mantz864d

I like the new format and def plan to do more extra credit! Maybe a little more rom WOD programmed as warm up/ cool down?!!
Honestly, I’m not a do yoga at home (or even mobilize at home type person🙈) I will really miss the opportunity to come to yoga a few times a month being a part of my membership as I did this past year. I can’t justify increasing my gym costs at this time... however, I do appreciate the explaination and certainly understand the reasoning. Silver lining, maybe it will force me to get better at mobility on my own. ✌️

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Theresa Rosenquist863d

P.S. - Thanks for the cold brews this last year in Yoga!!!

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Kate Mantz863d

Anytime T 💞☕️

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Bruce Hoffort864d

I'm still in my rookie year of CrossFit, but I trust you and know that you are doing your best for us. Keep doing what you do!

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Theresa Rosenquist863d

I hope this comes off as well meaning as I intend it. Many times athletes develop the attitude of "I already know all this," and that to continually review a movement and ALL its intricacies doesn't apply to them. Well, be humbled lil' grasshoppers. The more you think you know or the higher caliber athlete you "think" you are, the more you NEED to revisit and solidify the basics. We've encouraged Mega MOBility over the years but many of you continually blow it off and dont do it. Even after taking advantage of the FREE services of Aurora Bay Care Sports Medicine Physical Therapist's, MOBility and rehab work rapidly fall by the wayside. Since the egos have gone awry, I see the new programming as Grant's means to reign us in a little to ensure you get what you NEED so that in the long run you get what you really want: bigger lifts, faster times, AND fewer injuries.


james macco863d


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50 something
Ring rows and 🐧 taps. Holy legs 🦇 man!
52:23 Jumping PU
a few 30+ DU in a row. 37 in row PR.
Rest periods between 1-2 minutes. Patience struggles.
44 something, tore, 15 du’s
10 pull ups/5 box jumping per round per JTs reco
38:05 woof
Jumping pull-ups shoulder is slowly but surely getting better.
47:00 ~ penguins, some rx PU, some banded
39:58 doing penguin hops
47:50 (15DUs/round)
Got most of my butterfly pull-ups
(7.11.17) 19:13, 10rds: 10 cals airdyne/15 air squats/10 strict press 45#
cleans ^85#
DU were a mess (Lost a ton of time) BUT I did string 17 together at one point!!! Pull ups were half band, half jumping. Deadlift - 185-210# singles.
2500 meter row, dead lifts 5# PR And alot of mobility.
Cheated cus in Battle I wont have 2 minutes to rest, enemy is not as nice as Grant; also I rather sweat in training than bleed in battle; Grant only knows how to do "Humanitarian Assistance" but not contingency operations in a forward operating base under direct and indirect fire. Love you Grant.
42:20 Rx RIP Emily
Worked until 9:00 p.m.
41:35 (60 su's)
44:22 Rx
Otherwise a Rest Day.
42:36 Rx
42:03 - 15 step ups/8 ring rows/30 air squats/0.1 mile bike/1min rest