Thursday Oct 5 2017

I want to congratulate Becky Smith for taking first place in our last 21 Day Challenge and coming in second is Mr. Brad Rush! Both of these individuals are very good poster boards for these challenges as they have participated in just about every one and every month they are looking better and most importantly are performing better in the gym. Congrats again you two, it's a pleasure to see you achieve success. Next challenge begins Monday, October 9th.
This weekend is the Gauntlet at CrossFit DePere and I'm not exactly sure who is all competing so if you are signed up please comment below. I'm pretty sure the event kicks of around 9am and I plan on being there to cheer you on!
Have a great Thursday!
1.) Bullet 
GHD Sit-ups
Dumbbell Box Step Ups 24/20"  50/35lb 
*2.) 3 Clean High Pulls + 1 Power Clean @ approx 55% from blocks @ hang position (directly above knees) every 3 minutes for 7 rounds 
note: 55% or below and use blocks
*3.) Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3 @ approx 80%, rest no more than 3 minutes between sets
*4.) with a partner
16 minute AMRAP
1 works 1 rests
20 Power Snatch 75/55lb
10 Bar Facing Burpees
*5.) 10 minute EMOM
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
Add 1 rep each round until unable to complete both push-ups and sit-ups, if failure is reached drop back to 10/10 
*6.) Muscle Up Challenge Day 10
10 Muscle Ups

Rachael Salata865d

Toni & Rach πŸ‘―

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Brittany Nohr865d

Brittany and Lauren πŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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Rebecca Smith865d

Erin Buntin and Becky Smith

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Troy Foley865d

THE Becky Smith, 21-Day Eating Challenge Champion?!

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Chris Ness865d

Chris & Tyler pending......?

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Megan Vogel865d

Can people come watch? I have to work this weekend but depending on time I might be able to swing by and cheer ppl on!

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Brittany Nohr865d

Yes you can!

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Angel Anderson864d

I'll be there to cheer you all on!

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OHS extra credit @155#
6:19 #35
PP for OHS @85#.. Pull-up workπŸ‘ŽπŸ»
One legged step ups with 20#s, strict ghds unbroken. Accessory work. Core. Mobility.
OHS @ 85#
5:46 25# DBs
OHS @95# to start, dropped to 85# Clean complex @75# partner wod (8mins instead of 16) 10 snatches/5BFB 55# 4 1/2 rounds each w/Jamie H.
OHS 95#; Partner WOD w/Liz, Ethan, & Reese
25# dbs, 15 full GHD, then all 1/2's
6:53 40# and 20”
10 MU after. Barely
5:26 RX 185 OHS
20# DB 16" step up, GHD to //. Best part of the hour:partner wod with Brenda! 10 power snatch 55#, 5 bar facing burpees -8rounds each.
push-up/sit-up with 7:15am open gym crew
made it up to 15's before going back to 10's and slowly dying minute by minute
Used 60# on accident 😞
All the ballz
25# DB.EC 3x5 OHS at 80#
4:14 (14# med ball SUs, 10# DBs)
OH squats to box empty bar
4:07, 4 second PR
Partner WOD 55# with Ethan Brett and Reese! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
16 min amrap (solo) 6rds+13 hps @ 55#
ohs ^95#
35# but GHD were 1/2 down. Clean complex 85#, OHS 95# EC
All of the things and then some.
OHS @ 135; 10MU
6:20 Rx. PR'd not cherry picking this awful workout this AM
4:33 - 58 second PR from 11/4/16!
5x5 HBBS @ 255# felt good / *2.) complete @ 155#
Clean complex @105 OHS@135
5:00? #25
Ab mat sit ups #20 WB
**16" box/#20 DBs -> Lurong WOD #3: 13' AMRAP/13 T2B/13 KBS@#35/13 Lat. BJO = 6R+3 T2B. & Yoga.
Don't remember
Abs hurt a few days later.
Ohs 135#
11 rounds of the snatch burpee with Derek and Rach
5:11, 10# DB, ab mat situps w 6#WB
95# on back instead