CrossFit HQ WOD 170727

Monday Oct 2 2017

Hello everyone! I can't wait to hear about all your weekends when I see you today. Starting today remember 7:15am class is now open gym and 8:15am is now a regular class. So to reiterate there is no class at 7:15am but there is a class at 8:15am. Got it? Yes I know you do!
Next on my brain's agenda I want to address one thing on my mind, the no asshole policy (except me of course). I understand that we are not going to like everyone, that's just life.  What we can do though, is be nice to everyone, at least while you're at CFGB. I have the pleasure of getting to know all of you on a daily basis and that also allows me to see who you really are. The rest of you though for the most part get to only talk with a few people here and there at the gym.  From what I've seen in my 7 years operating this little gym is opinions are formed by members on other members and vice versa based off of poor data i.e. other's opinions and short interactions positive and negative. Let's try something to break this by not forming an opinion on someone until you've had interactions with them over a period of time.  I know from my interactions with you that every person in my gym is a good person and given the chance I promise you will find the same. So please don't be a dick to one another, don't talk about another person in a negative manor and please take a moment to get to know someone because we are all about this whole CFGB community stuff. In closing I look forward to every day I walk into that gym to be with some of the greatest humans I know and it is my wish that the rest of you feel the same way every time you walk in. 
Have a pleasant Monday!

1.) CrossFit HQ WOD 170727
5 rounds for time of:
200-meter farmers carry
20 deficit push-ups, hands on dumbbells
10 push jerks
Use 60/40lb Dumbbells 
*2.) Front Squat 4 reps @ approx 70% every 2 minutes for 6 rounds
note: unrack at the beginning of 2 minutes, complete 4 reps and hold front rack position for remainder of first minute then rack for 1 minute until next set
*3.) EMOM for 5 minutes 3 High Hang Power Clean @ approx 55%
*4.) Muscle Up Challenge Day 7
7 Muscle Ups
*5.) With a partner, one works, one rests
10 minute AMRAP
Assault Bike 20/15 cal
15 GHD Sit-ups  
note: must tag out before teammate 2 begins assault bike, get off the ghd and run to assault bikes
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Kate Mantz868d

Awesome reminder to have open hearts and minds. Love the post G ❀️

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Charlie Spry868d


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Angel Anderson868d

❀️πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ The community is what makes coming to this gym everyday amazing!

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26:50 @ #50
29:28 #30
HHPC #85
40#carry 30# s2o. 135#fs
25#. Shoulder stuff. All my band exercises. Air assault and ghds solo. Db hang cleans and kb swings.
20# DB GHDs and Assault w/Grant
Rx wt. ring rows for push-ups.
29:32 #25 db
5 min bike&row
25# DB
4 + 6 PJ @ 50#
A weak mental game today was more detrimental than weak shoulders. Day 7 MU Challenge βœ…
28:16. 35#DB. PU's on knees last 4 rounds.
22:19 @ 30#
FS extra credit: made the minute for the first 2 rounds, then went to 45 sec. Lots of shoulder PT
26:25 50# FC. 35# PJ. 135#FS
That was easy.πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
40# mod pushups
26:46 25#
BS ^105# FS ^85# (testing knees out)
Brutal and slightly over cap (8 min:) 55lb db
Angel and I assault bike/GHD gross
27:54 @ 50#
20# ouch!
4 rds and 11 pushups at 30 min. 40# db
Gymnastics with TSchmitters
3 ring muscle ups today!
4 + 6/10 push jerks at 30 min
30# for jerks, 40# for carries; power cleans at 95#; 3 rounds + 20 cals on partner amrap with Fonti
2/10 push jerks last round RX
EMOM PC @75#...partner assault and GHDS...gymnastics work
23:51 2:30 airdyne for farmer carry/push ups/push jerks 85#
fs ^100#
26:14 40#
23:39 ** 30#
PU - 10 reg/10 knees FS - 105#, HHPC - 75#
27::24 25#, pu on knees
FS@155 HHPC @105
RX- ouch!
45# DB
#20 (Shldr limits) & 60% full PU -> 4Γ—{BS/GH-HE/AMSU/DHPU. BS to #125Γ—5
First round at 50#, rest at 40#