WEEK 3 WOD 6 Wodapalooza Qualifier

Sunday Oct 1 2017

Team WOD today. For all who want to be CFGB regional Team members this workout is a great opportunity to work on your leadership on the gym floor or transitions or whatever. For all those that don't necessarily want to be on a CFGB Regional team this is a great opportunity to not only meet but compete with faces you may not normally see during your regular weekly workout time. No matter what your intent this is your chance to be social with actual people and not Facebook all while building those abs. 
Teams will be same sex partners ideally. If you don't have a partner that is OK, you will have one shortly and we promise no one gets picked last.
Fluffy Bunnies of Doom is the name of the game at High Noon and  CFGB is the place it goes down
Have a great Sunday!
1.) WEEK 3 WOD 6 Wodapalooza Qualifier
For Time:
90 Double-unders
70 Wallballs, 20/14lb (10')
50 Deadlifts 185/135lb
30 Muscle-ups
50 Deadlifts 185/135lb
70 Wallballs 20/14lb (10')
90 Double-unders
Time-cap: 30 minutes

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Krystal Lowney842d

Maybe you could give some hints about what movements are in the team wod.🤔

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Chris Ness842d

Probably shoulders

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61/70 second set of WB
12# WB, 115# DL, mod mu.. du were cooperating today!
35# push press for wb, 85# high hang power clean for deadlift. Team wod w/ Rachael.
19 WB. Stopped at 15MU, no misses.
50/70 of the second set of WBs
14# WB, 115# DL, modified MUs, DU practice 😅💀😵
28:08 (air assault to 30min)
90sec air assault (no running or jumping yet 😒) //14# wb // 135# DL // grants mup
Team WOD with Crystal 30:28
85# OHS, 25# dumbbells, 3-2-1 ring muscle ups
Team WOD with Chris complete in 22:19.
Assault bike - 45,30,15 cals / 135# OHS - 18,15,12 / OH walk with 65# dumbbells - 60m, 40m, 20m / MUs - 6,4,2 / One person works while the other person rests. Work through the 4 movements so three rounds total.
3 mile walk: 51:11