Friday Sep 1 2017

21 Day Challenge begins today! Here are the rules:
- no grains, dairy, alcohol, sugar
- 3 meals per day minimum that contain some proteins, carbohydrates and fats
- Journal everything that goes in to you mouth including water and your workouts
- Be at CFGB 17 of 21 days. Yoga, Pilates, Mobility and skill work all count as workouts towards your 17 days. This rule has an exception that if you cannot make it for whatever reason just contact Grant or Justin and we will assist you in getting a workout you can do in whatever situation you are in. 
- Measure your waist at the navel and 2" below the navel
- Within the first 3 days establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk (by Sep. 3)
This challenge is about persistence through the good times and times you feel like throwing in the towel. One mistake will not stop you from being successful and still in the game to win it but if you just quit it will most definitely stop you from succeeding. Three weeks to find the best you through eating clean and getting a little sweaty. Sign up through today. Cost is $30 and everyone signed up will become part of and email chain and I'm going to try to start a group either through texting or Facebook. If you need to tighten up your diet you need to sign up!
Have a great Friday!
1.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes 5 cycled Split Jerk 
Note: set, Split Jerk, stand it up, load on the way back to front rack and as soon as it touches your shoulders immediate dip into your Jerk
2.) Mango
cal Row
GHD Sit-ups 
*3.) 3 person Teams
20 minute cap
Strict Press 95/65lb
Strict Press 115/85lb
Chest to Bar Pull-ups 
Strict Press 135/95lb
Chest to Bar Pull-ups 
Upon completion of 12-9-6 if under 20 minute cap rotate teammates attempting ME Triple Unders. Every time an attempt is made and failed next teammate goes. 
Note: 1 member of the team will finish first couplet, then second member does second and third does the third. 
*4.) 10 minute EMOM
11 Push-ups 
11 Sit-ups 
Note: chest touches ground on push-ups and sit-ups use dumbbells to keep feet stable and intertwine fingers behind head
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RaLinda Lamberies899d

What's the fascination with 90?

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Grant Soletski899d

I wouldn't call it a fascination as much as I'd call it coincidence

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Yesterday's WOD: 11:58 @65#
Jerks to 95#...3 person team with angel and Reese I had 21-15-9 (6:56)
Split-jerks^95# Team of 3 with Amanda and Reese 15-12-9 65# and pullups
11:50 ghd's to //
SJ ^ 75#
9ish minutes. Ab mat sit ups instead of GHD. 85 lb. push jerks.
glad I felt good enough to move today!
13:10. 14# ab mat sit up
65-90# split jerk
SJ complex ^135#. Que from Grant & got first ever strict MU. Movement pattern clicked & followed with 4 or 5 more
Shoulder mobe during jerks. Also dominated pre workout with Matt and Randall T Randall
9:02 abmats
13:09 - airdyne and air squats
Push jerk ^ 70#
11:11 an mat sit up with 15lb plate
SJ up to 105lb
13 or 14 - recovery // 85# SJ
Dat Donkey is feeling it from yesterday
11:34 airdyne cals/hanging leg raises
SJ complex 85#/FS ^125# (8.30.17)
11:11 parallel ghd's
145# pj
9 and change, parallel ghd's though.
^ 185 pj due to bum wheel during 🚽 tag
SJ up to 185; failed 2 sets on 5th Rep @205
135 WU,165,185,195,205,210# / Off to Prentice Progress Days
11:29 med ball sit ups
#80 sj
10:56 Rx
GHD's first, row second; up to 135# strict press