Saturday Jul 1 2017

Fun morning today! Free weekly community WOD at 8:15am, Pilates at 9:15am as well as regular classes at 9:15am and 10:15am. After the festivities at CFGB are over for the day head on over to the Soletski Residence for the 4th Bi-annual Beer Mile!! Our address is 1906 Rainbow Ave, DePere and the run is set to begin at 12:00pm. Arrive anytime after 11 to get yourself warmed up for the workout! We will have coolers full of Budweiser but if you would like to drink another type of beer make sure to bring it. After the run stick around for the afternoon as we lounge by the pool doing a whole lotta nothing. We will have burgers on the grill, watermelon and cherries to share. Feel free to bring something to share preferably something healthy!
Have a great Saturday!
1.) 15 minute AMRAP
15 Back Extensions
15 Tri-pod -> Headstand
15 Hips to Rings
2.) Adrian
Seven rounds for time of:
3 Forward rolls
5 Wall climbs
7 Toes to bar
9 Box jumps, 30" box
3.) Beer Mile
4 rounds for time
1 Beer
400m Run
note: non alcoholic version available
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21:22 major modified (10 rounds) to accommodate back issues :)
Pilates and grant joined too!
And a scaled beer mile. 8oz buds
Missed the mile but had a good time poolside at the Soletski residence. Thanks Grant & Betsy!!
T2b from ground everything else rx, free wod, beer mile 12:12 with la croix
22:40 scaled AF
Beer mile, w/no beer
Pilates 9:34 beer mile (2nd place)
Pilates was painful and you all should do it. My Lord. I'll be back next week.
Freeeeeeee WOD
24" box jumps, free WOD
Nothing but the beer mile run 13:24; sucked 🏀 🏀
WOD while camping at Somo Lake
DU Air Raid - 12:45 (tripped 1 time on my 30s back down) / Practiced freestanding HSPUs for 10-15 minutes :)
Community WOD
10:04 beer mile
Tour de France Kick off Ride
32.5 miles/2:09:16