Thursday Jun 29 2017

Lots of new faces and changes in the gym I figure I'd just give a run down of the rules of this little gym of ours. 
Rules of CFGB
1.) We can only have one asshole in this gym and that is me. You pay me for honesty and that gets taken as me being an asshole but I really like you and want you to succeed.
2.) My programming only during class hours. I've done the programming since day 1 and I'm the only coach in the state of Wisconsin to take a team to regionals 4 years in a row and making it to the CrossFit Games in 2014. It works, follow it. During open gym time do what you wish and if you want to do what you wish at all times it is ok, it's just not happening here.
3.) Take the time to get to know people before judging them off Facebook or any other Social Media. We have great people here get to know them.
4.) Take care of the equipment. Don't drop empty bars, be gentle when dropping a bar with 10's or 15's. Keep the chalk in the bucket, sweep up the rope mess(if you use it outside of class programming) and wipe off equipment.
5.) Keep that ego outside, both of them. The big headed ego and the self deprecating ego. You are not the best and trust me you are not the worst just stay on task and get the workout done.
6.) Respect my coaches and vice versa my coaches must respect you. If you feel that's not the case please contact me right away.
7.) Classes rule space and equipment first. 
8.) If you have a boo boo notify a coach. 
9.) Be aware of your surroundings at all times. 
10.) Smile (this one is optional but it makes the workouts better if you do)
Have a great Thursday
******alert! alert! alert!********
-Yoga with T at 10:15am this morning. Last free preview of Yoga with T before it becomes a regular class in July. 
-Beer Mile this Saturday at 1906 Rainbow Ave. 
4 rounds of:
1 Beer 
400m Run
Begins at high noon and pool party to follow. Everyone is welcome and alcohol free option available too!
-Pilates this Saturday with Dr. Shawn Robinson. Come and check this out, I will be there as well as my lovely wife this Saturday!

1.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes 10 UB Deadlift/20 Push-ups, add load each round
2.) Troll
3 rounds
with 20/15lb dumbell
Run 800m w/dumbbell 
20m Overhead Walking Lunge, R arm
20m Overhead Walking Lunge, L arm
20 Pull-ups w/dumbbell 
*3.) With Partner
12 minute AMRAP
20 Strict Toes to Bar, both hang and alternate reps
1 minute Accumulated L-sit, use 1 set of parallettes switching every time partner breaks hold
5 minute Max Effort 100m Partner Carry, door to door, switch as needed
note: both partners must touch the doors
*4.) 5 rounds
10 Bench Press @ approx 50-75% of 1RM
10 Chin Ups, as strict as possible

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Ty Krueger665d

10:15? 😢


Jake Plennes665d

Well said Grant! Accountability and attention to detail is why this is the best gym you will find. Anywhere.

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Bruce Hoffort664d

Don't change a thing Grant! Love this place just the way it is. You are the biggest asshole in the Fox Valley, and I mean that in the best possible way.

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Justin Peterson664d

YUGE asshole.

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Troy Foley664d



Shawn Robinson664d

Thanks for being You! The best. Love

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2+300m, 5pu weighted, 15 butterfly
Up to 205 DL, 10 pu ave
2rds+400 meter@25min cap 10#db
135-155 DL 20,10,10,10,20 Pu
2 + 780m rx
185 - 225 DL, all PU ✅
2 rds + lunges RX
Weighted ring rows instead of pull ups. ^155# DL & all push ups
2 full rounds + 607m
Green band strictish PU, 135 DL... focused on form 😏
2 + 30m lunge @ 25 min cap
20# mix wt and strict PUs
2 rds + 1 lunge. Banded strict PU then some kipping
105-125# DL, 20 Push-ups (from knees) all rounds. That was 😭😭
Yoga with T!
500 m into round 3 at the cap
Did 5 total weighted pull ups (15#) the rest strict no weight. DL up to 155#
2 rounds+600m at time cap (25)
Up to 305 DL. Only got to 10/20 pushups last round before the buzzer.
^195#dl. Stretched that EMOM out a bit
3+10 pu (RX db, banded pu no weight)
85#-145# dl, push ups on knees // Open Gym Work: #abmountain and handstand walk work
2 Rds + 300m
Rx weight but only strict PU/no db. That run was awful.
1 REP AWAY FROM FINISHING RX!!! Did my last pull-up after the buzzer
Next time I'll try harder. DL to 175#, 15 push-ups every time. Burn 🔥 🔥
2 rounds + 20m lunges R arm
RX weight, all strict no band PU...DL up to 170#, all push-ups
2 reds + 780m kipping PU // 140# DL ✅
Can't say that was my favorite
27:53 ran 800m x 1, airdyne 5min x 2/lunge no weight
10 kbs 1pood/20 push-ups
2+12 lunges r arm @ cap RX
115-235 DL all the pushups
DL to 195#
DNF due to time
DL ^ 225# all rounds completed
2 + 2 PU rx
135-295 last round was not unbroken
24:54 ;) Time cap was 25:00 / First 2 rounds were all strict pull-ups with the DB between my ankles. The third round was kipping pull-ups with the DB between my thighs.
DL followed the WOD - 275, 285, 295, 305, then jumped to 325# / Push-ups in sets of 10, 12, and 8 / No EC, quick turn-around (7:15 a.m. class tomorrow) for camping this weekend!
24:06 lots of mods
DL 175-235 beltless.
2 + 400m RX
285# DL and all the push-ups
2+30m oh lunge (15#)
135# dl
400m of Rnd3**
**scl'd w/ 400m walk w/#10DBs, #10OH Box stepups, 5 DB PU + 15 kipping, #60 DB BOR R/L v. DL/20 BK-PU.
I passed the person Grant told me to pass on the next 800!
2 rds + 599m Rx
205-225-245-265-275, all push-ups
315 deadlift 20 pushups all rounds
neighborhood bike ride, 15-12-9 squats & sit ups
185-245#, 20pu-5pu