Wednesday Jun 28 2017

Joe from Aurora will be at the gym Thursday morning from 6:30-7:45am!

Thursday morning Yoga with T. Last preview class before it becomes a full time class located in the WODMother's Den. 
Beer Mile this Saturday high noon at the Soletski Residence. If you don't want Budweiser bring your own beer. We will spend the rest of the day after the mile hopefully lounging in the pool. Everyone is welcome and non alcoholic option available!
You ever ponder how some days time can't go by fast enough yet other days we wish it would just stop. In the majority of daily life do you wish time would go faster or do you finding yourself cherishing every second? If you're the one wanting to hurry everything up try taking more deep breaths and enjoy the special moments and  all accomplishments, little or big. If you're the cherishing every moment person, carry on. 
Hello Wednesday. 
1.) 10 minute EMOM 
Odd 15 Thrusters 95/65lb
Even 15 Bar Facing Burpees
Record full rounds. If you fail to perform all 15 reps in 1 minute drop to 12 and then 9 if you fail at the 12's
2.)  Thorn
17 minute AMRAP
12 Handstand Push-ups
20 GHD Sit-ups
400m Run
*3.) 4 rounds
10 Push-Press
10 Bent over Row
Note: add load each round, use same weight for push Press and b.o.r. 
*4.) For time
50 over head single arm Lunges, 25 per arm 55/35lb
50 cal AirAssault
*5.) CrossFit HQ WOD 172806
Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
60-lb. dumbbell deadlifts, 9 reps
6 burpees
60-lb. dumbbell power cleans, 3 reps
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Chris Ness477d

Summer programming something something Run 400 meters
I am now the hurry type of person

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Krystal Lowney477d

Whoa. That's quite the emom😳

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Brittany Van Enkevort477d

I was thinking the same thing 😳🤷🏼‍♀️

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Grant Soletski477d

Just testing some things out:)

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Brittany Van Enkevort476d

If this was a test I definitely failed


Kayla Duchateau476d

Please don't do anything like that EMOM again. Thank you.

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12's for the Emom
Light day
Extra credit number 3 and 4 done. 3 rounds of shoulder stabilization and ghd. 50 more cals on assault. Mobility mobility mobility.
15+ab mat part & 2 mats part Ghd to = Emom 45# 15 for 1 Rnd then 12
3rds sp & ghd2=
9-6 thrusters and bfb
Barbell + OH mobility
Lifted without corrective lenses. Couldn't bare to watch the EMOM suffering
Would like to pretend the emom didn't happen 🤦🏼‍♀️. First time doing rx hspu in a wod 😊 push press row ec and 3x5 strict pu and ring rows
Well that blew
4 rds + 8 GHDs w/ regular push ups
FS instead of thrusters; 15s for first 6 minutes, 12 for the next 2, them 9 for the last 2 min.
5 + 15 GHD (rode bike calf cramp)
EMOM complete. no less than 33 sec for thrusters and 20 sec for burps
3+70m row
1-2 abmat hspu, //god, 500m row. Emom 35# 15 thrusters/10-12 burpees.
4 rds (almost- was running and a semi cut me off)
Switched from ghds to regular sit-ups, HSPU from box. EMOM: 45#, 15-12-12-9-9-9-9-9-9-9
3+20 GHD
Sub SP for HsPU and sit-ups for one set of GHD. Mostly sets of 9 for EMOM.
4 rds at 16:55
1.5 rd improvement
3 + 20 GHD slowwwwww
65# mostly 9s for emom, 1 ab may and 10# plate for HSPU
3+ 10 HSPU from box
EMOM. 12 the first round then 9 55#
3rds and 7 situps. strict HSPU with 1 mat, 20# abmat situps, row 500
9 each rd at 75#
2rds + 3/4 of the last run
Emom sucked. Mostly 9s, and a couple of 12s.
9&10 12reps, rest 15 for EMOM. Died during emom and workout.
3 + 350m(ish) - some hspu w 2 mats, mostly off box
EMOM: 🤢 55# 15-12-12-9-9
4 + 4 GHDs rx
Emom--did 15s for first 2 rounds, then tried not to die.
4 + 12 hspu rx, worse than last time but I'll take it seeing as that emom was interesting
Emom - 12s all the way through. Rx weight
Just under 4 rounds RX. beeped just before finishing
EMOM YUCK! 15 then 10s all the way through...EC HQ, strict PUs and ring rows, lots of mobilizing
3rds+1:40 airdyne 45# strict press/push-ups/2.5 min airdyne
55# thruster/prego burpees 9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-15-15
3+80m GHD to =
EMOM RX First round 15's the rest 10's
4+8 ghd
Th: 15(3), 12(2); B: 15(1), 10(3), 12(1)
4 + 12hspu's
EMOM of death 15 thrusters every round/15 bfb x1 9-12 bfb x4
55# 10 reps approx each round. 3 +:50 m run
5 rounds + 8 HSPUs
6 reps shy of my PR for this WOD, but on 1/24/17 we didn't have any skill/strength work prior and I was fresh / UB HSPUs and GHDSUs / EMOM - 15,15,15,15,15,12,15,12,15,14 bar facing burpees when clock expired / *4.) 6:04 with UB single arm 55# DB lunges
EMOM was a soul sucker 🙃
4+20. Just keep moving. Lunge/bike ec. Had a really fun morning training with friends.
3 rounds hspu from box
65# thruster
4 rounds GHD to parallel
4 rounds RX
EMOM: 9 all the way through
3 +22 HSPU on box
EMOM RX but I missed a round of thrusters cause Ellie had to poop ended at 12's
3 R + 6 GHSU**
**scl'd w/ 1/2 K-HSPU & 1/2 S-EW ,& 300 SU (v. run). EMOM: 15×1 Th&BFB->12's #20 DB-Th (ball) stepovers. PEC: DHPU/RD/GH-HE)
Harder than it looked
2 rds + 12 HSPU 💩
EMOM: 15-15-15-12-12-12-9-9-9-12
Emom: did stuff.