Off to Jail

Monday Jun 26 2017

Congrats to Lily Spry for taking the bronze in her first trip to nationals, Josie taking home a bronze in the Clean & Jerk and bronze overall. Islie went 4 for 6 on the big stage hitting a PR in both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk placing 6th overall out of 15! Jared went 5 for 6 earning him 15th overall and now officially has his feet wet with Lily on the USA Weightlifting National Stage! Congrats to Ty and Jordan with a special thanks to Charlie and Derek for a weekend well done. 
So that's now 9 athletes from kids to masters qualifying for nationals in a program that's just barely 2 and a half years old. On the CrossFit side of things our programming has qualified 2 individual regional athletes, 4 regional teams and 1 games team since opening in October of 2010. Oh and coached a masters athlete at the 2013 games!
Our programming is all done in house and our goal is to create champions and not just for our "best". Follow our programming with everything you got and we will tweak and tweak as coaches until we get you where you want to be as we've already proven we are on the right path. 
Have a great Monday!
1.) Overhead Squat 5-5-3-3-2-1-1-1-1-1, rest 2 minutes between each set add load each round 
2.) Off to Jail
100 Double Unders
Strict Press 75/55lb
Chest To Bar Pull-ups 
100 Double Unders 
*3.) APFT
2 Minutes Push-ups 
Rest 5 minutes
2 Minutes Sit-ups
Rest 5 minutes 
Run 2 miles for time
*4.) 20 minute AMRAP
1000m Row
40m Handstand Walk
50 cal AirAssault
40m Handstand Walk
Note: just a steady eddy pace
*5.) 3 rounds 
15 Weighted Hip Extension
15 Reverse Hyper; heavy
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Ty Krueger479d

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€™ so glad to be a part of this amazing team. Huge thanks to Grant and Betsy for believing in this little project of ours and to the rest of the CFGB community for the out pouring of support over the weekend! Love you all!

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9:49 155# ohs pr fun day! πŸ€—
Ec done
200 singles, 45#, jumping c2b. Ohs up to 105# today failed 115#. 3 rounds kb alt deadlift (53#) and bentover row (26 in each hand). 3 rounds of the hyper and wt hip extension. The 20min amrap sub 40 push ups and 40 sit ups for hs walking
14:12, du time cap 2min
205# ohs, 10# PR
RX weight for SP, blue bands for C2B, 200 singles. ^125# FS instead of OHS. 3 rounds kb alt deadlift (53#) and bentover row (26 in each hand). 3 rounds of the hyper and wt hip extension. The 20min amrap sub 40 push ups and 40 sit ups for hs walkin
105# ohs
100DU- 21-15-9 rebounding BJ&GHD 100DU
230# FS (15# PR) 25 min run=~3.25 miles
155 OHS, 20 lb PR. 14:29 c2B are hard!
12:17 all du's several c2b each round then jumping
OHS ^ 125#. 10# PR!!!
13:03 rx
C2B singles, no DU cap; OHS ^155#, 20#pr
190 ohs 15# pr rx weight and dubs with banded c2b to work on activating lats. Ec 4+5 done
10:20 (scaled)
150# OHS Assault bike, 65# SP, 5 x PU per round (ribs still sore)
Thin purple band for c2b. 225 OHS
8:54 sub parallel ring row w/ box for c2b
OHS to 155#
Worked on form at 225 disaster, 10:24 200 singles, went home disappointed for time
#315 OHS
265 ohs
11:41 65#
150# OHS
12:57 rx
115# OHS
Just enjoyed my first not being sued anymore WOD
9:17, SP 35#, c2b with green band, penguins
New OHS PR ~ ^100#! Kept whipping myself during DUs so switched to penguins
85 OHS not pr but felt fairly light. WOD sucked. DU were not happening today :(
13:23. Getting dangerously close to πŸ¦‹ on c2b.
205 ohs. 15# PR. πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
35_90'OHS. Bar for SP and band for C2B.
OHS up to 110# 5# pr
10:56 rx
185# OHS...failed 195 again
Rx other than subbing 200 SU. OHS 5# pr at 110#.
Ohs to 125#; handstand drills, fell on my back πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„, keep on keeping on πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
13:24 RX weight, band C2B...finished all last set DU
137 OHS, 2# PR...lots of EC fun
11:32 RX // 135# OHS = PR πŸ’ͺ🏼
2 min time cap DU // 35# PR - feeling accomplished πŸ€™πŸΌ
11:53 pull ups for c2b
ohs ^100#
9:18 mostly C2B's
^ 245# OHS
OHS @ 205
17:52; singles
105# OHS (a PR I think)
35-100 ohs. 13:01 45# strt press, blue band c2b. 25 ghd su.
C2B - 7,7,7 / 8,7 / 5,4 / OHS - 155,175,185,195,205,215,225,235,245,255# (20# off my PR of 275#) / *4.) 1 round + 30 meter HSW / EMOM10 - 5 C2B wearing 10# in the weight vest
OHS ^160 PR Super fun day!
11:28 55# green band C2B
OHS ^110#
"*scl'd w/: #45 SP/thin BA-C2B/25 DU+175 SU. OHS: 35-75, 80(f - but coming back upπŸ€—)PEC: 3Γ—{JR-SU /armbar & bridge/R-PU/SqPry/obliques, 500m row
100 DU--21/15/9 front rack lunges (85#) & BFB--100 DU
Like 98 minutes
Up to 225#
5:17 - good to be home!
Worked up to 245# snatch balance; 1 rnd + 1000m and 40 ft HS Walk in 20 min on the EMOM. Good luck today Grant!
250# ohs
205# ohs. 20#pr