Saturday Jun 17 2017

Please join us for our weekly free community WOD at 8:15am this morning. If you are the person that says I need to lose 60 pounds before I try CrossFit this is the class for you. It's a great weekly chance for you to start your journey as well as you can see that people of all shapes and sizes are participating. We are where you go to get rid of that extra you that is weighing you down physically and mentally. 
Have a great Saturday!
1.) Every 90 seconds 7 rounds 1 Snatch High Pull -> 1 Snatch -> 3 Overhead Squats, add load each round
2.) TahDah
3 rounds 
12 Front Squat 155/105lb
21 GHD Sit-ups
12  Toes to Bar
*3.) 7 minute EMOM
3 Axle Hang Power Clean 185/135lb
25 Double Unders

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Free wod and Pilates
Community WOD w/all the friends
Complex^140# ALAS! Got about 12 ring MU
9:42 supa scaled! 55# FS, knees to elbow, ghd's to //
Snatch complex up to 60# (5# pr)... 5 mile bike ride
9:34 135, ab mat sit ups
135 snatch
155 Snatch/11:20
My toes to Bar do not go well with GHD sit-ups.
Snatch complex to 105#
Snatch complex - 135,145,155,165,175,185,failed 195# / Got warmed up for 5,4,3,2,1 of MU, 225# bench press, and 275# squat but felt weak and shaky so I went home and ate some food. / Pool party at Grant's house was fun!
1/2 mi (alt 100m free/100m kickb.) ->5×{50m W=R -> knee & hammy rehab (40 min total)
Free WOD
215 snatch complex and emom@185