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Tuesday Jun 13 2017

Our new front area dedicated to all things T is almost complete. We are going to be having 3 Yoga classes per week and 1 Pilates class every Saturday morning. Over the next 3 weeks we will be having one free Yoga Class for your preview. This weeks class will be tomorrow morning at 6:15am to 7:15am. Yoga and Pilates will start full time July 5th in the  WODMother's Den! Punch cards will be available soon.
Yoga Schedule June 2017
Tuesday 6/13 6:15am-7:15am 
Wednesday 6/21 5:15pm-6:15pm 
Thursday 6/29 10:15am-11:15am 
Saturday Pilates 6/10 & 6/24 9:15am-10:15am 
21 Day Challenge has begun if anyone else wants in and hasn't signed up yet please get on it right away today.
Have a great Tuesday.
1.) Every 2 minutes Front Squat reps of 5-3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1-1, add load every round
2.) Chocolate cake
Row 25 cal
Single Arm Overhead Squat 85/60lb
Row 25 cal
note: use either arm for the ohs. its meant to be heavy but if you can't squat it lower the weight
*3.) 2 Person Team, for time
1 mile Rope Partner Run
50 Synchronized Toes to Bar
*4.) 5 rounds, add load each round
20m Farmer Carry
20m Yoke Carry
3 Box Jumps 42/36"
*5.) CrossFit HQ WOD 170613
5 attempts at each of the following:
Broad jump 50 ft. in as few jumps as possible
3 pull-ups as slow as possible
Max set of strict freestanding handstand push-ups
Rest as needed between attempts.
Post lowest number of jumps, longest pull-up time, and reps of handstand push-ups to comments.


Brett Kohout681d

Can you clarify the cost of the new classes? Is this included for existing CFGB members or an additional cost? If additional, how much?

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Grant Soletski681d

It'll be a punchcard and it will be additional costs. It'll be posted on the program page but as of writing this the punchcard will be good for 10 classes for $100.


Brett Kohout681d


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Ty Krueger680d

If you haven't tried Yoga with T you are truly missing out! Treat you body and mind. Also, $10 is a steal for any yoga class but especially for one that is geared to get you better at CF and Weightlifting! Excited for the 6:15a slot!


Matt Fortier 680d

It's a great class! highly recommended!

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10:37 20#...went heavier on 9's. Should have done the whole thing heavier.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
^185 FS. 12min-run & T2B with Lauren πŸ€—
Db weight at 10# to keep perfect form, fs 85-155 for what I believe is a 20# pr (could be a 10# pr)
13:13 Scaled
12.5# DB should've went way heavier but was worried about my neck/trap, strict pu's with green band. Squat ^135 failed 147# I hate squats. All of them. All the time. 😝
Can't believe I'm saying this but should have gone heavier😬 Front squat ^135# with Gracie up to 37# πŸ’ͺ girl!!
11:42 20#db right arm only
165-280 fail 290 #5pr
Got off the rower after 9 cal thinking I was done πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ. 215 front squat. Back extension ec from yesterday done. 3x5 strict pull-ups and ring rows. Run and T2b from floor w/ Cassie 😊
8:31 20# DB & ring rows instead of pull ups
150# front squat PR
My shoulder doesn't work. FS to 215# I think it's a PR :) Mile run with Brit
Fs 285 305 fail 7:56 with #60LB ec Yoke, did I spell that right?
Strict PU, assortment of bands, 10# DB. FS @ 155, 10# pr.
5:23 (60lb DB)
15#DB. FS ^150#. 2 weeks off...glad to be back.
11:41 15# DB
FS ^ 145#. Failed 150. No PR today
12:03 10# DB to keep form
Green band. 125 FS, I thought it was a PR, but 130 would have been. Dang it.
8:54 35# DB
FS fail at 265, made 255
11:08, 20# DB - should have gone heavier
FS^135#, 20 minute bike before class
11:10 @ 15lb
80-5, 90-3, 100-3, 115-2, 125-2, 135-1, 145-1, 155-1, 165-1, 175-1. 30Lb PR
11:40 at 45#
275# fs...failed 295# pr try
355 Fs 12:27 Partner Mile & TTB
12:53 scaled
Front squats ^85# knee is feeling okay today πŸ‘πŸΌ
Timberwolf Crossfit
Dropped in last 2 days...made me realize how awesome CFGB is.😬
8:30 30# dumbbell, finally didn't have to "modify" this one πŸ˜€
FS to 165#, failed 170#; 14:16 total time partner extra credit
25# db, pull ups were shit, 205# fs 50# pr
10:06 40#
FS up to 192, 7# PR failed at 200. Close though! EC partner 12 mins
13:26 40# // 182# FS PR πŸ’ͺ🏼
Partner EC mile and TTB with Kalen 12:26 πŸ€™πŸΌ
11:37 15# db's
fs ^120#
13:18 20# DB
FS 150# gonna catch you Green in 6 months
8:28 70# DB
^ 275# FS
20# L, 35# R; up to 185# FS
Day 4 of 16 on 8 off! Love storm season😏
FS 265
11:20 #65 DB Up to 315 failed 325
Stayed nice and vertical With full grip on bar. I can't kip a pull up for the life of me.
65-145 fs. 10:41 12.5 db. 5 pullups in a row no extra swing, then sets of 3 or less to finish set, no extra swing.
8:57 (85# DB SAOHS felt great on each arm!)
FS - 135 WU,185,205,225,245,255,265,275,280,failed 285,failed 285 again / *3.) complete with Laura in 14:16. Mainly sets of 5 on the T2B.
Did 20# for OH. Front squat 215
6:59... 10# DB (horrible mobility)
FS ^ 285#
9:44 35# DB
up to 200# FS
Yesterday trashed me, hammy strain & mega rope burn. Biked hills, Assault bike Tabata & 3Γ—{10 EZ Sq/10 Pushups/2 1/2 TGU (R/L)/20 SLO Mtn Climbers/5 DHPU
9:06 50# DB
FS up to 205# not a PR.
10:00 70#
285# FS
Thanks for the awesome yoga flow T!
11:03 rx
305 front squat
11:34 at the end of pull ups, no time to finish row, 5#DB
BS ^155#
225# fs
355 front squat