Saturday Jun 10 2017

The man, the myth has finally taken down another challenge since he made the decision to not be fat any longer. Mr Christian Steuber Stueber (sorry pal) is the April 21 Day Challenge Winner! Becky Smith is our second place winner and Trevor & Cassie tied for 3rd. We are going to do a tie breaker workout to decide who is the better 21 day challenger (I got my money on my boy Trev) This was Christian's forth challenge and each time he lost by the smallest of margins. He went from darn close to perfect to perfect. Your work ethic Christian is second to none, you get those pull-ups down and we'll take that drive right to the games. Congrats to everyone that participated! Junes Challenge begins Monday, the sign up sheet is on the desk. You really should sign up as you get emails from me with random stories and inspirational tales and the Beer Mile will be allowed as a legit workout during the Challenge. Challenge ends July 3.
Today is the first open house of the WODMother's Den:) Catchy name huh?!? Shawn Robinson is back and will be hosting a Pilates Class at 9:15am. We will be having Pilates and Yoga classes added to our schedule soon so come pilates your face off and get a preview of what we will be offering at CFGB.
Hey Yo Saturday!

1.) 20 minute EMOM
odd: 1 Deadlift 80% 1RM / ME Strict Toes to Bar
even: 1 Snatch around 70% 1 RM ME Handstand Push-ups
note: the ME Toes to Bar and ME HSPU's are moving at whatever speed allows for the most precise movement
2.) Mudd
GHD Sit-ups
Push Press 75/55lb
Row, cals
*3.) Two person Teams
3 Rounds, for time
10 Tire Flip, the big boy
10 Cleans 225/155lb, Alternating 

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Mary Stueber800d

Congrats Christian Stueber....spelled correctlyπŸ˜‚ You have come a long way and held strong and continued to challenge yourself. Nicely done!!

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Grant Soletski800d

Sorry Mary I owe you Burpees.

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Christian Stueber799d

Three's a charm! Thank you Grant for doing these things.

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Pilates w/Kate (my abs are on FIYYYAAAAH πŸ”₯)
Bellin 10k Run 46:35; 7:30 mile avg
Missed my goal of 45:00 but did beat my last year's time by a couple minutes
12:26 or 12:16 can't remember
Snatch at 100 deadlift went lighter at 215. Tire and clean at 155 ec done with Jenni. Hs walk work πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š
17:18 rx sloww
Did the DL at 185# and snatches at 65# avg 5 t2b and 4 HSPU, EC with Britt- medium sized tire, I did 105, she did 155
FreeWOD w/ the Fam. & Pilates w/ Angel. πŸ”₯
Bellin Run with 45#vest 1:19
I'm dead
Deadlifts @ 205#, snatched light at 65# (wasn't too confident in my grip 😬), got 5-7 t2b and hspu, few times got 8 but mostly 5 or 6.
Free WOD with the fam then barbell
UB GHD sit-ups and push press / 365# DL, 7-8 strict T2B, 155# snatch, 10-12 kipping HSPU. No EC today. Laura was done.