Skin n Bones

Tuesday Jun 6 2017

So we have some new mirrors up by the dumbbells for your meathead pleasure. It's kind of a funny thing having mirrors at a CF gym but I tell you what pending no knucklehead throws a weight through it's going to be an amazing addition to this gym. Sometimes we need to see ourselves and study our setups from the profile. Other people can tell us how we look but to actually see it in real life reflection is a game changer. Use the mirror to get set up, to look at your motor pattern and then once you are confident in that turn your head away from looking at yourself in the mirror and practice the movement. Instead of hoping we have set up right we now know we are in a good starting position. You can feel free to meathead it out in front of the mirror's, I'll only make a little fun of you:) but please look at your movement often and become knowledgeable of your movement patterns.
Have a great Tuesday!
1.) 15 minutes 
10 Free Standing Handstand Push-ups
note: scale with 10 tri-pod to headstand 
10 Back Extension
10 Strict Barbell Press with a 10 second hold overhead
note: pushing that barbell through the roof
2.) Skin n Bones
3 rounds
30 cal AirAssault
20 Push Jerk 115/85lb
10 Muscle Ups
*3.) 12 minute AMRAP
25 Double Unders
1 Axle Deadlift 315/225lb
*4.) Bench Press 5-5-3-2-2-1-1
note: rest as needed and start around 60% 1rm
*5.) CrossFit HQ WOD 170606
Clean and jerk 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1 reps

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Laura VanderKelen 914d

I'll do my best to control the dumbbells and not break any mirrors...

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Grant Soletski914d

I lol'd there.


Anne Hoffman914d

You were talking to me weren't you?


Brett Kohout913d

But does the mirror even upload to Instagram??

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Brittany Van Enkevort913d


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Saw Andy get 2 ring mu's. It was awesome!
If anyone finds my mu's let me know!
Rx weight, muscle up progressions and dips for muscle ups. That was rough
20 pj @23min cap, 95#
2 muscle up complete, 1st ring mu ever
22:34 65#
Sub Ring rows for MUP because of neck/trap.
DUs + axle bar
19:53 55#, mup
18:08 #75 airdyne mup
Other stuff 15minutes
2 mile ramp up run #runyourtown
25:16 rx weight mup
C&j up to 165
Trainer bar push jerks, DL instead of MU. Anyone have a good shoulder to spare?
Got 5 free standing hspu with 1 mat
Tried to WOD .... Shoulder wasnt having it
25:22 RX most mu pr. #crossfit #girlswholift #11:30crew #extracreditgroup
I NEVER WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!!! Bike monitor only gave me 6 Cals after 3 min of pedaling....please tell me it was broke!! Did 3 min rounds on bike, 65# push jerk, my transitions, ring dips...saw Jesus!πŸ˜”
15:43 95# mod MUs
26:24 55#
Jello long legs. Suck at the bike.
24:10 65# MUP
2 + 6 PJ. 75# Mod MU
25ish, 95# jerks, MU progressions
no MUs today
πŸ€ΈπŸ»β€β™€οΈfree standing HSPU (T witnessed)
Eternal air assult damnation ☠️
16:35 mod mu
17:05 - 30 cal assault, 25 GHDs, 10 push jerks @ 65# for 3 rds
Some squats. 2 mile run 15:34
23:40 RX weight, scales MU
EC Axle DL and DU, 20min EMOM C&J 100#
22:07 RX MOD MU // 2 + full back extension
Worked on DUs - I have the lash marks to prove it πŸ™ƒ
16:19 65# PJ/ring rows + ring dips
amrap of 10 air squats/10 prego burpees/10 cal's airdyne
Slept in till 5 a.m.!!!!!
Felt so good
MUs: 6-4, 4-3-3, 4,3,2,1 / 6 UB FSHSPUs PR! / *3.) 17 rounds
17:09 handiwod
20 55# push press and 10 ring rows
Did 95 pj, and turnovers on low rings
35:10 RX- just awful
#65 PJk, MMU + RD & pretty sure my Assault bike was spinning thru mud. 😭☠️BP: 65-85
30 mile bike
Saw a bunch of biking inside. Went outside instead and up and down East and Fox River trails instead. still counts?
Completed all 30 MU's,
But, not within time cap 😬 And scaled to 95# on presses.
All the calories and jerks
13% of the muscle ups
4 free standing HSPU strung together!; Axle bar DL @ 375 and 25 DU for 6 rounds, AB mountain
a little over 23...
DL 105# instead of push jerk, row instead of bike, mup. That was hard.