Monday Jun 5 2017

Hello everyone, hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine was. Few things to start the week off, On Ramp begins today. If you want to sign up and haven't yet you are more than welcome to just come before class to sign up. Classes run either 6:15am or 7:15pm. Next CrossFit Kids will be run during the day this summer, a full post with all information will be posted tomorrow night. 21 Day Challenge winners will be announced this Friday and the next one begins this coming Monday so you'll be done the day before the 4th of July so you can participate in the Bi-annual Beer Mile and pool party at the Soletski Compound:) More information to follow either tomorrow or Wednesday. CrossFit HQ WOD is pretty similar to mine today so if a class is going do not use the 50/35lb Dumbbells wait until the class is done with them. Thanks
Have a great Monday!
1.) Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes 10 Unbroken Zero Pause Back Squat, add load each round
note: if you fail your last set you need to go back to the last successful weight and reattempt 1 more ub zero pause set on the next 3 minute mark
2.) Prop
Toes to Bar
Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35lb
*3.) 15 minute EMOM 1 Snatch @ 80%
*4.) #abmountain
accumulate total time for time(ha):
6 minutes in Plank
4 minutes in hollow
2 minutes L-sit 
note: plank is elbow/front lean rest position. Try to hollow rock for at least 30 seconds of the 4 minutes
*5.) CrossFit HQ WOD 170605
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Hang squat cleans, 50-lb. dumbbells
Handstand push-ups
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5:33 #30
V-ups for T2B
Bs ^155, snatching and working on ab mountains ⛰😂
Ab mountain, snatch at 65#, bb lunges and spilt lunges
8:38, 35#
BS 185#
BS^175# that 5# of vacation weight really weighed me down today LOL
BS ^145# Ab mountain extra credit
8:11 20#, some t2b, most to //. BS up to 95#
Got my first ever pull up after class!!! 😬
5:08 20# and close t2b good cycling
BS 65-115# good chit chat with Dani. And a 2mi run with Hillary
8:50 35#(21's) 25#(15-9)
BS #155-195#
6:23 @ 40# DBs
BS ^200#
5:49. Knee ups. 35#
155# BS
T2 chest and db push press 35# bs 185. Should have gone heavier 🙄
Pulled oblique muscle is official
That's why we can't have nice things.
4:17 with modifications for shoulder
BS to 115#, but should have gone heavier. Grant told me not to be a pussy.
265 with Andy. Had to pause the last rep 😉
5:53 GHD/BoxJump, Assault Tabata PR 65 cal
285 BS 7:45
Garage wod 21-15-9 DB thruster 50pounds/cal ski erg
Complete 40#
135# BS
4 mile ruck/4 mile run 38 min 2 min push up 2 min situps were not impressive
wanted to do workout but had to piano with Ms Lauri and I dominated.
10:43 Rx
up to 180 BS
11:29. Prolly should've scaled. The struggle 🚌 had a flat tire.
205 for skwats #abmountain for EC
I was there, my TTB were not 🤷‍♀️
BS ^145
5:00, 20# DB and hanging knee raises
Woof. BS up to #125
5:40 25lb dumbbell and toes to rig.
BS 155
240# BS
5:19 (21 T2b, rest to elbows/ 15# db)
BS to box ^85#, knee feeling 👌
BS ^145# and snatching
6:22, 25#, T2P (working on cycling)
80# bs , #abmountain EC (minus L-sit)
BS up to 100#
5:23, left arm 35# db thrusters & GHDs instead of T2B
Squats 105-145#; 6 min plank/4 min hollow. I can do so much ab stuff!!!
BS 165#. EC abmountain and snatches. Worked on strict pull ups and push ups
5:14 - 25# // 85-135# BS // #abmountain
should have gone heavier on the thrusters. Second time doing toes to bar!
6:02 24# db's 😂
^85# bs
6:28 25#
BS to 155#
285# BS
6:59 #15 db
BS ^110; 2x25 cal bike; 75 ghd; 75 back extension
6:34 20#. 85-125#bs. 6min plank 1:45 max. 4 min hollow.
21,21,8-7,8-7,5-4,9 / HBBS - 135WU, 185WU, 205,215,225,235,245 / Snatch EMOM15 @ 165# Attempted 175# but I was failing too much because my shoulders were fatigued
BS ^195. Sloth mode today.
5:18 handiwod
bench ^65, dumbbell shoulder press and mix of knee to parallel and T2B
9:12 Rx / ^185 BS
Assault Bike Tabata ^230# BS
BS ^155
6:15 (30#)
145# bs, ab mtn
**#17.5 DBs (left wing is PO'd!) BS,:#75-125. EC: #abmountain & 10×{20"w/40"r row.
BS up to 165#. Felt heavy today
No idea...too exhausted to look
7:34 Rx
Back squat sets: 225-275-305-335-365 - when coach Lubs makes a suggestion on target weight ain't no choice but to nut up and lift it
280 back squat
5:34, 10#, knees to ||
BS ^ 85#
12:50 with some shady thruster reps. Sucked. 195# bs